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How do you mean, Orimono?
The Fan Writings section, along with everything on the left, is only editable by Council members so you will be unable to directly post your own stories into that section. Instead, your story should be posted to Allyssa, or one of the other Council members, and then a decision is made whether the story is suitable to be added.
I don't believe there is anything preventing you from posting your story as a post in the forum, but most people take advantage of the readers list first to show their work to the other readers.

Hopefully this has answered your question Smile Smilie
Yes, as I have said elsewhere, many people (myself included at times) are a little shy about showing their first drafts to the whole world. It also enables criticism to be returned to you privately.

You may put it in as a post if you wish, but the format is much more readable if it is in Word or some kind of text file. This can be important if your story is a very long one, and you want people to keep reading to the end.

It is up to you. Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 27/9/2002 by Allyssa]