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I promise not to try to be funny any more, okay?
Shaking Head Smilie No, you have every right to endeavor to be funny as the next person, Allyssa. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I'm always trying, sometimes very. If Prog got more laughs with his version in may only be that we were more tired and thus more giddy when we read it this time. Never, give up Allyssa, you are a beautiful person and should not hide your light beneath a bushel basket, you deserve better. Happy Elf Smilie
This IS interesting - and really funny! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
At least we managed to pull in roughly the same direction in our storyboard, Many Meetings at Rivendell (or at least until we managed to wreck the place)
I should suggest this to one of my teachers!! It might do our class some good!! Very Big Grin Smilie
our classes are Boring Smilie
Oh, the tears of laughter are still rolling down my cheeks. I think Allyssa posted one similar to this a while back, but this one takes the cake or maybe I am just more tired now than when I read hers--tiredness leads to silliness, of such Rednell, Prog, and I have recently learned in the P-T chat room. Anyway, it is a 'Good One!' Prog. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Heh! Fantastic, I think it is the same one Allyssa posted ages ago, only I seem to recall she tastefully left out the last few bits of personal argument. Once again demonstrating the differences between men and women, as you left them in Prog. Smile Smilie
LOL! Very Big Grin Smilie

Yeah, Ally told me in the chat room that she had posted it already in the jokes thread some time ago. I'm glad everyone thought it was funny the second time around, anyway.
My version was on page 4 of the 'Jokes' thread in The Prancing Pony.

I promise not to try to be funny any more, okay? Very Sad Smilie
Thanks for the kind words, Grondy. Even though I am blushing furiously. :elfembar:
You are as funny as the next person Allyssa, never stop.
But what I found even funnier about this stories second outing is how it highlighted the differences even more. When you posted it, you obviously intended the emphasis to be on the differences in styles and bloody-mindedness of the writers, which is what you found funniest about it. And when Prog posted it, I'm guessing what he found funniest were the last few posts where it degenerated into a slanging match, thus once again showing a fundamental difference between the sexes. Blokes like dirty words, and women like a little more substance to their humour. Am I right, or am I right?
This reminds me of something I have really seen (or, rather, heard!). "Once upon a time" I spent my winter holidays with a group of about 10 other students (both boys and girls) in a small abandoned hut in the middle of a large wild forest. Nobody slept in that hut since many many years, but it was maintained in a good state by a forester officer who took liking to our company and let us to stay there during a fortnight or so. And he visited us often during the evenings, just for the pleasure of discussing with us. There was a particular girl which almost always disagreed with him, but both of them still liked the best to discuss with each other. And finally on one evening we found them exchanging the following heartfelt remarks:
"But no, mister!"
"But yes, madam!"
"But no, mister!"
"But yes, madam!"
They continued like that in dead earnest during several minutes and finally we started to laugh and laugh and only then they realized how silly it became!