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It lends a nice comfortable atmosphere, and the fact that the snoozlebugs are only mentioned in a letter makes them feel comfortably far away. What you have there so far piqued my interest. Keep going, Darous.

Just a point, though. Try to space your paragraphs as it makes reading easier.
Good story Smile Smilie keep it up.
I shal keep continue when i cal
May we ask the target audience, Darous? It will help us to criticize more helpfully.

It sounds interesting to me. I like the idea of original, invented creatures. I would like to know more about Jack and Bob and how they came to be friends.

Well this particlar target audience at the start was kids but
now i find it progressing to over 20s male+female and people who read fantasy. But it is going through a few changes plus I have few other ideas going at the moment. Venrin and Darous's adventures to save an elvin kingdom. I will post this soon.