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Calenthang is with you as always Darous!
yeeee haaah Calen
I'm in also! I'll post my info later as I guess I'm supposed to... it's the same everywhere though... gonna be evil in this one. Its fun. Actually, my informacion...ok, sry information is in Atalanya- The Downfallen (RECRUITING!!!)
Okay this is good now let me see. You's one need some info so.... The Forgotten as I will call them consist of five. I myself am one and leader Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie and then four can join as well. they can be any race at all. The fellowship will also be mentioned but this we dwell more on the forgotten and the task they have set themselves.
We will also look at Merry and Gollum and the heated relationship between the two. Either one could take the ring or kill the other. On the subject of death..the only way for a character to die is if they wish it and post it themselves. Killing of characters by other characters is frowned upon So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie So Angry Smilie .
The evil side can consist of whoever is around during FoTR and TTT and anyone else you want to throw into the mix.
So thats the jist of it at the moment. And I know that we have a few more RPGS starting up so I will wait my turn no problems anyway. So I'll add anymore ideas that come to mind and people keep on coming.
Thanks Asteroth Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie glad to have the old team fighting the good fight. So come people afew more and the Forgotten are complete and then the baddies Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Thank you Asteroth!I think Darous,you and me are going to make a great team!Hey Darous I've got a susgestion.But I will let you know later...
Right folks just to update you all. Myself after discussing with Calenthang and Asteroth have decided to expand on this RPG and infuse it as such with a new system of play.
Now I won't go into it all at once as this is a group effort but i might as well let you know whats happening.
We are going to have a hit point system, any rpger of model fighting such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40K and Ds+Ds know of this, and also the Final Fantasy games as well.
You may ask what is he talking about well I'll tell you.
each controlled player will have Health Points, Defence points, and attack points. Which you can upgrade with new weapons and armour.We may also increase health point but we will see. In battle you take damage from weapons you lose some health points, which can be regainned from potions and healing spells..maybe don't know yet. A database of weapons and armour may be made. We may limit the weapons to save on time and sanitiy. You will know more when we have discussed some more. We may inculde a map so people know where they are. So thats it for the moment just to let you know that hopefully this will blow you a way and we will have a fantastic new type of tolkien rpg .
Wow this is gonna be great. I'll play too!
Asteroth you are correct this will be amazing. I also have a few more ideas on weapon upgrades, which could leave out the database but we will talk more later on this.
And all bribes are excepted in unmarked notes and in a paper bag left behind map number 12 Animated Wink Smilie
Name: Eglaviel (wife of Legolas)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Lives is: Mirkwood
Title: Princess or Lady
Horse: A beautiful grey Arabian named Stormy, or Sudden Storms.
Eglaviel seems to appear in times of great need to give advice and perhaps to give someone the courage they need! She seems to come in a mist and often when someone by chance hears the soft beating of a horse hooves, they can be comforted knowing that the LadyofLegolas is near by.
Other notes: She is an excellent archer and swordsmen!

here ya go!
Right Asteroth and Elda...I'm away for a few days (work) so I'll be back on Wednesday. So take to thought what I said about the weapons and upgrading them and if you have an idea yourself get it ready.Just trying to think of anything else...too tired too. Oh yes items like food and potions and say bows and small axes. We could find these after a battle like in TTT games just a thought and maybe and odd quest thrown in for good measure. Well thats a few things to think about about. And to everybody else thank for joining this is gonna be fun and you hopefully will be surprised. So until wednesday all I bid you farewell.
We will also look at Merry and Gollum and the heated relationship between the two

Did you mean Sam and Gollum?

Wow, this looks like an actual RPG, Darous.
All the best in your journey, folks. Smoke Smilie
I wanna be a Sorceress!!!!!Wah haa haa! Very Evil Smilie
Yes ReD I did. But the mind often walks where I do not. I think it most have been walking round a beehive at that piont.
Right Asteroth just looking over your stuff and I like the three different character break downs. The seperating of points I'm not too sure I was thinking more of a set amont of points, and tthen through fighting you gain extra points from weapons and shields left after the battles. Spells we will have to think about that one.
I'm having probs with my mirc program so I might not be in chat for a bit hopefully I can sort it soon.
It is always an honour to fight with Rawien
I like the sound of that "I'm the boss" Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie thats ok dude
Well the whole character thing...right this goes out to all posters and future ones we will go with the 3 characters.
I shall be a Warrior but i have some healing spells though..well I am the boss Wink Smilie so if the rest of yous want to pick who you are go for it.
Right Aster and Elda back to business. i think the character beginning with the base points is one I'd prefer to use but....god I'm out of breath had to run to the shops there really quickly i mean fast...we can have different starting points for the characters for example a warrior will have high attack and defence but will have a low magic resistance. While Sorcerers ans sorceress will have weak attack and defense but strong magic resistances and spells. And Rogues will be a medium att and def and same magic as well.. Well there yous go have a look and let me know
If we're done with the characters, i shall start working on the spells.
Hi guys, this is more like the sort of RPG that I spent many a year playing (and still am, since my son has recently persuaded me to start playing Rolemaster with him). I'm afarid I won't have time to be actively involved with this one, but if it's any help, here's a short list of the spells that always proved popular in the games I used to play. As I don't know how you are working out the details for this system, you'll have to assign your own levels and mana point costs for them. Don't worry about not using them if you don't like them, or if you think they won't fit in with your game.

Sleep - Causes victim who fails resistence to fall into a deep natural sleep.

Charm Person - Victim who fails resistence will believe caster is his best friend, and will do nothing to harm them.

Stun - Victim who fails resistence is stunned. Although he can still move, he cannot attack and has difficulty defending himself.

Shield - For a limited period an invisible barrier protects the caster as though he was using a shield.

Ventriloquism - Caster is able to throw his voice up to 50' away.

Burning Hands - Caster is able to cast flames from his fingertips, upto 5 feet.

Shadow - Caster is able to alter his appearence so that he appears little more than a shadow.

Levitate - Caster is able to float slowly up or down in the air, but cannot fly.

Enfeeblement - Victim who fails his resistence, temporarily loses his strength.

Fire Bolt -Caster is able to cast a bolt of flame upto 100 feet.

Fireball - Caster is able to fire a ball of flame upto 50 feet, which then explodes in a 20 foot diameter.

Magic Missile -Caster is able to fire a small missile which the accuracy of a skilled bowman, which will then do the same damage as an arrow.

Slow - Victim who fails resistence will only be able to act at half normal pace.

Haste - Caster can cause someone to act at double their normal rate. Spells can still only be cast at the normal rate, however.

Dispel Magic - Caster can cancel the effects of another spell (depending on level etc).

Paralysis - Victim who fails resistence is totally paralysed for a limited time.

Web - Caster can cause sticky webs to shoot from his palms, entangling anyone who fails to avoid them.

Circle of fire - Caster can cause flames to form a protective circle around him.

Wizard Eye -Caster can see, but not hear what is happening around corners, through doors etc, upto 300@ away.

Entangle - Caster can cause undergrowth to rapidly grow and entangle the legs of those who fail to save.

Heal Wounds - Caster can heal various amounts of damage depending on level.

I'll stop now in case this is not the sort of thing you were looking for. If you want anymore, however, just let me know. wanna be a Sorceress too! heehee...Power... good power. Can Sorcerers be evil? Wait...are they?
From what I have been told about RPG's you need some element of chance, hence dice are often used. If you need a random "role of the dice" I can probably provide that service if we can sort out the logistics of it.
I'm not really understanding how this whole thing is gonna
work, obviously it's different then the other ones, but how different? Just wondering... Cool Smilie
I'm not really understanding how this whole thing is gonna
work, obviously it's different then the other ones, but how different?

What you have been seeing in the other RPG's in the forum are actually closer to "Storyboards". We will have to wait for Darous' instructions to see how this will be played.
Okay Nelly! Can u make sense of it all? It sounds like a video game kinda! Big Smile Smilie
Right I'm back firstly Valedhelgwath thank you very much for the spells Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
we will probably end up using some of them thanks and Red your role as the dice very interesting. I will get back to you on this Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie .
I am now gonna work out the points each of us will be getting so stay tuned tonight or tomorrow they will be posted. So everybody thanks for your input and ideas they our welcomed and soon enough we will have this boy ironed out.
Firstly all players have 100 health points this stays at a 100 all the way through the game. potions can be used to restore health but these our limited..but potions can be picked up. We all start off with 5 potions which restore 15 health points.
Attack points:-20
Magic resistance:-20
Spell casting points:-10
Warriors can carry up to 30 throwing axes or arrows.
Warriors have the highest attack and defense as they mainly fight weapon to weapon. But have a low resistance to magic so if they our attacked by a attack spell they will take heavier damage. They have little spell casting points as they rarely use magic execpt to heal.
Attack:- 15
Magic resistance:-30
Spell casting:-25
Rogues our moderate characters. They use both weapons and magic in their attacks. Their attack and defense is slighty lower than a warriors but their magic is higher sp they can cast more spells and have a stronger resistance to magic attacks.
Magic resistance:-50
Spell casting:-50
Sorcerers our the weakest when fighting with weapons and their defense is the lowest as well.But they have a high resistance to magic and many casting points also.
They focus more on spells and can raise their attack and defense in battles by impowering their weapons.

All casting points return to their maxium point after battle, and when when the group camps at night. The same goes fo health as well.
After battles with large forces and high ranking enemies, swords & shields are dropped. These can be used to increase attack and defense. They have 4 different values you can find +2,+4,+6 and +8.It all depends on what type of big enemy you fight from an orc leader right through to a nazgul.
That will do for now. So look it over and see whay you's think.

[Edited on 7/4/2003 by Darous]
Do you plan on using some sort of table to determine how much damage is caused in attacks, Darous, and whether attacks are successful etc?

In most RPG's the player decides his course of action, and then a GM determines whether this action is successful through a system of dice rolling etc. Do you have any thoughts on how you are going to handle this in an online game?

In most RPG's, a turn-based system is used to determine the sequence of events. This is no problem when playing live, but how are you going to overcome this on a forum board where some players are not going to be posting as frequently as others?

I'm not trying to place hurdles in your path here.... Just raising points that you may have to overcome before you begin if you wish this to work well from the start.

Good luck... It'll be interesting to see how this game pans out.
OK, Nef is very very very confused. Sad Smilie but il catch on, dont worry!
Ladyoflegolas is very lost too! She will catch on too though, she hopes.
Okay people some of you our a wee bit confused. And Val it will be interesting to see how this plays out Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie and we will see.
This is not your typical rpg as you have notice. Its very much like a rpg but when it comes to the elemet of battle this is when it gets crazy.
In battle you can be injured and even killed if your unlucky . We will still have the story element.. that will not be leaving it. In any given battle all players involved in the fighting. But Rogues and Sorcerers will fight but also heal, the enemy has the same point system as us..I will discuss this with Asteroth and Elda we must simiplfi this to 3 of 4 levels.Which will be the table as Val for the enemies attack.
At the end of the day..this may work.Hopefully it does cause it will be wicked...but it could fall into a heap of sh*t . But it will not it will be the most amazing and riviting,awe striking rpg in the history of the very universe itself. So says the Boss. Wink Smilie
I have no idea how any of this will actually work, I read through the instructions though, and it seems fun to join. Can I?

Can I be some kind of sorceress who never succeeds in getting anything right? Tongue Smilie Sounds like me... Or is it more like the intention to get points and stuff? Smoke Smilie
Well....the rules seem simple enough....and...I wanna join! Smile Smilie is my char:
Name: MadWannabe
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Lives in: Lothlorien
Title: A royal pain in the ar*e
Car: Porsche (Just kidding)
Occupation: Your handy dandy rogue
Habits and hobbies: Sneaking up to people to scare them and making other players pockets lighter and other dumb stuff...
Other Notes: Ultimate stress reliever...just kick his behind and you will feel much better. Wink Smilie

If this is not acceptable please tell me and I will edit it.

[Edited on 7/4/2003 by MadWannabe]
Tom you our more than welcomed and you can be whoever you want.Madwannabe welcome to The Forgotten.
Great, thanks Darous!

Name : Tommie
Race : Nobody really knows, but I'm kinda big/kinda small, I have green/blue/brown eyes, and my hair's black/brown/red ish, and short/long. Tongue Smilie
Gender : Female, when last I looked
Lives in : Pretty much everywhere, but I have a house in The Old Forest. Not that I'm ever there, but I go there now and again to refill my water boxes.
Title : President of the Stupid United (and of the Brooding Club) Animated Wink Smilie
Transport : Usually my feet but when they let me down I rely on my very faithful though not very clever horse Rataplan. (he has one big advantage: he can swim!)
Occupation : Anything that involves water. I carry a "magic" box filled with it on my back. Not that I ever find any use for it, but you never know.
Habits : I pick up everything I can or cannot use. And I tend to butt in when I'm not supposed to. Tongue Smilie
Other notes : Everything I do works out wrongly. I'm easily confused. I'm one of the baddies, if you hadn't noticed yet. Though I'm not really bad. I'm not really good either. I'm somewhere in between. Though more to the bad side. Oh yeah, I'm quite indecisive. And forgetful. Animated Wink Smilie Though rather intelligent, I don't really use those brains much, so everyone thinks I'm stupid. Big Smile Smilie I'm not really. Well, not really. Big Laugh Smilie
Useless pet : My cat Drag. He sits on my shoulder and I just have to feed him now and again to make sure he doesn't fall off. Like I said, I pick up everything I can or cannot use, and in this case, I couldn't use him, but hey, I like him. All right? Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 7/4/2003 by TomBombadillo]
Right well its hotting up. We our getting back alot of input..all is helpful and appreciated. To some of you this may look like a strange and confusing rpg and well it is.
I don't know how this will pan out but it will be fun finding out with all of you coming along for the ride. So Asteroth is doing the spells now so I'll have to do some thinking myself. Maybe Rednell could be the dice of fate...I will consider this.. its what we may need. someone not involved in the game who decides on what happens. I will keep you all notify. So until Raganrok.
Well , you are the story teller and the control of the game is on your hands.

Sounds like fun and challenging too, but I really think Valedhelgwath is the man for this job. I would love to help where I can, however.

A list of enemies yes I had thought about this and I think if we have them set within 4 levels. Your thinking 4 levels whats he on about....well level 1 say is your basic goblin, level 2 would be orc, level 3 is Urak-Hai and then level 4 would be Nazgul, other servants of mordor and maybe Sauron himself Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie
There points will be when I get a chance to sit down.
Asteroth your point on the dice very interesting.The whole dice of fate is something within itself. it has to be done right or not at we'll do it right Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie .
Also Asteroth check out Battle theres a special rpg going on I think you will like it.
Nell i think we'll need you more than dices.Your mission
-if you accept- is to be a DM.You'll control the enemies,tell us about the place we are in and control the fights.

I have no idea how to do this thing.
How does this all work????? Does some1 plan the story ahead of us or something?
Right calm down everyone. I'll get it sorted some how.
I'm going away for a few days so it will give me time to think and plan. Asteroth you the man till i return but no funny stuff you heard me. Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie
You'd perhaps want to consider giving each creature an experience point value too, so that when a character kills one, they gain that experience towards their own next level.
Sounds like fun and challenging too, but I really think Valedhelgwath is the man for this job. I would love to help where I can, however.
Thanks Nell Shaking Head Smilie

I'm afraid a bit too much of my life has already been spent refereeing RPG's. Unlike the players, who get to go home until the next session, the referee's work was never over. I still play a bit of rolemaster with my son, where I can keep the plot simple, but apart from that I won't touch them anymore incase I get sucked back in. I really don't have sufficient time anymore to dedicate to such games.
Right I'm back..Right the whole 4 levels things the baddies i gave were examples each of the enemies will fall into these four catergories. It just won't be the four I mentioned. Rihgt I'm gonna get a few hours kip. Just off night shift. I'll be in later on.
Ok this is all getting a bit too confusing for me I'm afraid. Questions:

Well , you are the story teller and the control of the game is on your hands.For example;
DM--You are in front of a building right now.The path you've been on leads to a forest what do you do?
Darous--We enter the room.
DM--As you enter the room,two goblins attack you.*FIGHT*
Darous--Attack the first goblin.
DM--You attack the goblin with 15 damage points.
Goblin retaliates your attack but misses.

See this is how it works(In my opinion).And Lady of Legolas, i guess this answers your problem as well.

How does this work on the forums? Or are we supposed to do this in chat? Otherwise with about 10 players or more this could get a bit confusing and a lot of work for the DM imho.

Yeah that would be a great idea, when a character gains enough experience he/she can jump to the next level in which he/she will be given extra points to upgrade his/her damage,defense....

And how does this all works? Who decides how much damage is done, how many points you get etc?

Right I really don't have a clue about all this I'm afraid. I've never been in any RPG before, and though it sounds like a lot of fun if you know all about it, I don't get it. Everything sounds like Chinese to me. Sorry... Sad Smilie Cool Smilie
Tom don't worry. this is not ironed out yet..there are still alot of things to sort out...i had an idea but now it has become something else. I need to sit and analyze the situation in hand and then look at the bigger picture.
So Asteroth we our gonna change the pace here. We're gonna slow down look at each part of the rpg and and if Elda drops in all 3 of us will look at it and decide on what happens. So I will throw the dice as such and we have
Gameplay. Right lets go....
If you are going to do this game with dice, tables and a turn based system, you are going to have to think hard about how you are going to get around the sluggishness of doing this on the forum. Some players will be here more often than others, while some might not appear for days at a time.

What I suggest is you "introduce" the battle scene (for it's going to be the fights that will be most difficult to handle). By this, I mean you will have to let the players know what they are about to face (or what they can see, for some of your bad guys might be hidden).

You then let the players respond with their actions ( ie Player 1 decides to attack the big hairy Uruk with his sword, P2 decides to attack the weedy orc with an axe, P3 decides to cast a Sleep spell on the three goblin archers and P4 decides to stay back and shoot his bow at anything else that emerges from the bushes).

Whoever is refereeing the game must then step back, roll the relevent dice and determine the outcome of this round of action. The result should then be displayed...

Player 1 only managed to hit the Uruk's shield. In retaliation the Uruk did X amount of hits on player 1 (plus maybe a critical strike if you are using them)

Player 2 did X amount of hits on the weedy orc, which badly injured, is now trying to flee from the battle.

Player 3 managed to put 2 of the archers to sleep, but the 3rd goblin fired its bow at Player 2 doing X amount of damage.

A further Uruk bursts from the cover of a large tree, but as it attempted to attack player 2, Player 4 shot it. The arrow gave it a slight wound of X hits.

You would then wait for the players to return their input of what they wanted to do the next round. Anyone who knew they were not going to be around would have to give you some instructions as to the behaviour of their character (eg. Fight to the death, withdraw after taking so much damage, or withdraw whenever they have not indicated otherwise).

This maybe sounds complicated and cumbersome, but if you were to play a combat round each night, I think it could well work.

Are you basing your combat on an existing RPG or designing combat rules from scratch? I've found when starting from scratch, you have to be very careful that you balence everything correctly so that you don't finish up with the "invincible" creature/player scenario.

Hopefully, these ideas are of some use to you. Feel free to use, discard, or simply mutate them as you see fit. If you want any advice or other specific help, either PM or email me.
Val the throwing of dice was just a figure of speech Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
But Aster as I said we have to sit down a dsicuss game play now and how it evolves into the game. We decide on one set way and thats that.
OK, il catch on when we start cause i am TOTALLY lost.
Asteroth mirc is the program which i was using and it would not let me in. I have tried downloading it many times but the same sh*t happens. it won't let me on.
Right then back to the gameplay.. firstly Val I wasn't gonna try and create new combat techniques..I tryed to do that once brfore and i was left with one big headache Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie I was hoping to base it on other techniques i had seen before, something similar to the brief one you gave cause thats how its has to be. You can not have everyone coming into one post and just attacking left right and centred and deciding that they beat the baddies all the time. Right i'm gonna try to resolve this chat issues thing.i'll get back later on.
*Calenthang returns*
Ok I was too distracted these days.
So first thing's first.We'll definately need a Game Master and I can't think of better man then Val but I guess he doesn't have anytime.
I think the game is getting to complicated.I won't have any problems with it at all(I've played RPGs before)but it will be slow.I mean you need to find a system which calculates damage,hp,exp etc.I can see Val gave veyr long list of spells(Thanks Val) but it will not be easy fot the casters since a "casting" system will be needed there too.
But what really scares me is: Who will make up the story???I mean as Val said it's hard to lead a real RPG online.I will stick to my suggestion-every player can download a map from here(PT the maps section) so we can have a better point of view on the game.
I think this game will take some time but I hope it will worth too...
So much from me
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