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Well met! Celebre.

ooc: A few small nits to pick or rather to explain away:

You had better explain why you received the sword Anduril, rather than your brother, Eldarion who became King upon the death of your father, King Elessar. Okay, maybe having broken his leg while ensuring the ruins in the Morgul Vale remained free of evil beings, these many years after Minas Morgul had been demolished on order of your father, Eldarion provided it for use on this your quest.

And even though you are a mortal, as your mother chose to be of mankind prior to your birth, you may be allowed to keep the title of 'half-elven' in honor of her and her father's ancestry.

And your stallion Asfaloth's grandsire was the noble steed of the same name, that saved the Ringbearer Frodo from the Ringwraiths. We needn't bother with who actually made that famous ride, your mother or the High Elven Lord Glorfindel, as that is not germain to the prowess of either horse.

Anyway, have fun with your game. Happy Elf Smilie

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wow, thats incredible, I take my hat off to you, i'll edit my post, I have the honor of meeting you. Enlighten me again sometime!