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Name: V’
Age: considered young in Elf ages/ years
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Bio: V’ is Gaia's younger cousin, and was raised by her aunt and uncle after her parent's death. She is young and naive, but believes in all things beautiful and true. When her cousin sets out to find the meaning of his dreams and visions, she vows to stand by his side and help

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"There you are Ve" Gaia said. "Where have you been"?
Dark saw Aduial. "Who are you" he cried grasping the hilt of his sword.
Come all you peoples who peek in here, we need more people befoer we can get this started, come join us!!
"Don't worry, i'm a friend." the stranger replied. "My name is Aduial. Who are you?"
Dark loosened his grip on the handle. "My name is Gaia I am responding to the threat of a new generation of darkness, but that is all you need to know until I can trust you. What is your purpose.....friend"?

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Age: ?
Gender: Male
Bio:I am an elf who died and was resurected by evil forces.
I know gaia dont shoot me.
"Zander"?! "What are you doing here"?
"Zander"?! "What are you doing here"?

What do u think im doing here im going to help u set out on ur quest to help u find the meaning of your visions.
"Point taken" Gaia said. "Let us linger no longer"
Name: Faeamithril
Age: Far too old to answer that question
Race: Elven Vampire
Gender: Female
Bio: Once the daughter of the great Haldir himself. Came to a nasty run in with a creature of darkness and fell under his curse. She now roams these lands, unable to die. She is skilled in the ways of the sword and bow and of magic. A powerful ally, and a dangerous enemy.
As the party is about to move on, a hooded figure looms out of the mist.
"Greetings my friends. Did my pointy little ears hear talk of a quest? I'd like to aid you, if I may."

Name: Halo
Age: Not telling! Tongue Smilie
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
Bio: She is the daughter of a human and an elven warrior, but really doesn't know who he was. Was born with a lack of skin pigmentation, which makes her an albino. Was raised in the mountains by her mothers people and carries her fathers bow and sword.
My info:
equipment:staff,robes(blue),long sword,backpack
Bio:Elf mage which has a nice amount of power and expirience and is working on the idea of building a all elf city totally mixed and protected by powerful magic(all mages and warriors welcomed allike). Hates evil and destroys it utterly when it croses his path.
(OOC: Can I join? One question - does anyone have any idea where or when this is?)

Name: Maendath
Title: Minstrel
Race: Man
Place of Residence: Wanders
Family: None known to be alive
Age: Appears to be in his late forties
Description: Chubby, average-heighted, has light brown hair with blond highlights, pale green eyes, has a small beard, wears a brown hat and leather boots, along with a cloak of a dark greenish color, mud-splattered and worn threadbare. Has loose, leathern gloves on his large hands.
Possessions: has a black stallion, Karb’. A gilded harp and some packages, most likely containing food and other necessities, hand from the saddle.
Personality: Carefree, mischievous, playful, exaggerative

(OOC: Ok, he does seem relatively useless and dull, but come on, bring him along! You know you want to... Animated Wink Smilie Very Evil Smilie )

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