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Thread: A question about "Autumn in the Woods"

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I think it's just a made-up place in ME in the future, after the war of the ring. (I think, correct me if I'm wrong someone.)
I kinda like to think of it as a bit of a mix of everything (I mixed in a little something from the Elric books. It might add something interesting to the roleplay at a later point Big Smile Smilie ), not just limited to LotR. But I do like the idea of it being in Middle Earths future.
Thanks, that's all I wanted to know. It's a little bit hard trying to write a character with diverse traits in different settings when you don't even know where/when the RPG is! :P

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone is going to join the thread; we only have one person as evil (me) and I've never even RPGed b4 lol, it's getting a little to close to the Story Game in the Ivy Bush. Lol, ne1 gonna join? If there aren't enuff ppl already, didn't c ne rulez when I entered, weird.
Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get more people joining soon. Especialy when they see what a peachy-keen RPG their missing.
Also, to aid the forces of evil: a willow-the-wisp just stole my charicters loose change. It happened in an off-line RPG my friends and I are playing, so it can happen here too.
Willow-the-Wisp's, the pick pockets of the fairy world! Very Evil Smilie
Oh, by the way...Arcormacolind’va? You make one creepy bad guy!
Oh, by the way...Arcormacolind’va? You make one creepy bad guy!

Thanks; I think it's a lot easier for me to bring out the side people around me rarely see, in writing and other forms of expression (i.e. RPG)... it's so fun. :P