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Years and years have passed by since the elves of Middle-earth had arrived and settled down. One small forest, tucked away in the vastness of Rhun, had only been discovered by one loner elf who had been travelling on her own one day. She settled down there, still living on her own. Not many came across this forest, and those who did didn't really care. And so the tale begins...
Tervestra remained up in her tree. She looked about the forest as far as she could see before climbing down out of the tree. She went to a small hut under a large tree, proceeding to enter it.

Name: Tervestra
Age: 50206
Gender: Female
Race: Elven
Appearence: Long, straight silver hair; sparkling green eyes; dark green cloak, brown skirt and pants alike to breeches under that, green shirt; black light shoes
Height: 6'5''
Weapons: Longbow; quiver full of arrows; longsword; horse named Fellar

She looked at the dying fire and poked it with a metal rod, livening it up.
Hi Adreia , i'm just posting this message to ask a few questions ;
What's the point of starting a new rpg while you're already in a few others? Why don't you just wait until the others are over? Not that it's not allowed to , but i just can't see the reason
Whispering Forest?? a RPG??

Heh, am i the only one who thought of a thread about Cradle of Filth?
The reason is, Asteroth, that the one I created has gone out of my hands, and the others I've entered are dead threads. Don't mean to be rude!
Rules: Posts are to be no more than ten lines long, no killing others chars, and no really evil stuff without consulting me. Thanks very much!
Hey, Virumor, give me a break! Nobody's perfect, especially me. No mean to be rude though, but, I'm not a person to think of names really.
Heh. I understand Adreia. Asteroth, the lady is right Elf With a Big Grin Smilie . Ignore Virumor. He has so much knowleadge about LOTR that many cannot understand him. That makes it difficult for others to take his opinions without offense Elf With a Big Grin Smilie .
Ill post and see if this is going to be another dead thread.

name: Etharion
age: unknown
gender: male
race: elf
appereance: normal looking elf. Long dark blue robes, ordinary staff, bastard sword, backpack. Long light brown hair, brown eyes, light boots.

A elf strolls down the path next to the forest, minding his own buissnes and looking thoughtfully in head of himself.
(lol thanks Etharion! Glad you understand! Very Big Grin Smilie Hope it doesn't end up being a dead thread, that would suck.)

Tervestra heard the sound of someone walking and peered to where the sound was coming from, watching this stranger. She raised an inquiring brow as she started after him.
Etharion continued walking. After some time he stoped in his tracks and said "Do you need something girl? Or are you just following me out of fun?" he did not turn his head.
Tervestra stopped abruptly, suprised he noticed.
" Sir. It's been so long since I've seen another person, I was just curious. I didn't mean any harm. I'll leave you alone."
I'll help this thread not die, Adreia!

Name: Icefangs
Age: looks 21
Race: Half-elf;Half-wolf ?Welf? ?Olf?
Appearance: Short, dark colored hair, looks blue. A green tunic and black pants, which are tucked into her black boots. Dark blue eyes, a long, light grey cloak.

"How do you go about terrorizing poor young elves?" A female voice echoes from the above. Suddenly a dark shape leaps down from a branch of the tree and watches them, her dark eyes glinting beneath the grey hood.

name: Makav’li
sex: Male
race: High Elven (Noldor)
age: As old as the moon
Description: Long dark hair, sky blue eyes, light complexion, meduim, but toned, build. Agile as a cat, quick as a bunny, strong as an Ox, far sighted as a hawk.
Height: 6'4"
Armor: All black, strong Elven armor.
weapon: "Luciendar" - Sword of Light. Long blade that cleaves orc flesh like a hot knife threw butter.
History: Born when the moon first blessed middle-earth with it's light. Did great deeds in the wars of Beleriand, traveled with Gil-galad's company and fought beside him when he fell. Has dropped his last tear long ago, for the sorrows of middle-earth. A true foe of Morgoth, and any who follow the dark ways. Fearsome in battle and one to be reckoned with.

"Poor young elves you say?" Shouts a voice, appears to be comming from the direction of the woods. "I'm not too sure whom you are refering to, but nothing terrorizes me. This is comming from one who's been threatened by Morgoth himself."
I'll join too Adreia. I like the idea..sounds interesting, anyway....

Name: Calenia
race: Elf
age: unknown, looks about 19-20
weapons: a whip and short sword
appearance: long, slightly curly copper-coloured hair tied loosely back; green eyes with gold flecks; pale skinned, wearing dark blue and green clothes, slightly worn with a dark, almost black grey cloak.

Cal was on the move again, she wasn't quite sure where to...anywhere would do... Shaking her head, Cal concentrated on where she was going, being careful not to trip over the roots and other things in her way. She was so lost in her thoughts that she ran into Eth and fell on her butt.

"Oh, terribly sorry...hope I didn't interupt anything. Oh and sorry about running into you....I was a little consumed in my own thoughts. Anyway, what are you guys doing in this forest, if u don't mind me asking?"
Hey let me join.

name: Bradly
race:half human and half elf
weapons: beast soul sword and dragons soul axe
armor: holy fire beast armor

Bradly walks up beside Cal. He watches the others.
(Oh boy! Thanks everyone! This will be great!)

Tervestra looked about at everyone and raised a brow, somehow staying calm.
"Pardon me, but who is everyone here? None seem familiar.''
Stumbling to her feet, Cal dusts off her buttocks, looking around at everyone.

"I am Calenia. Cal for short. Who's everyone?"
Bradly takes off his hat showing his face. "Im Lord Bradly Maximeo Chsim. Please call me Bradly." He looks at Cal and smiles.
Tervestra smiles and waves to Cal, then stumbles some into a bow to Bradly.
"Nice to meet you M'lord and M'lady. I am Tervestra, keeper of the forest here. Glad you came."
Etharion looked around astounded to see so much people in a region he thought was uninhabited. "Well...." he said slowly, looking at Bradly hitting on Cal. "I am suprised to meet you all here. First things first. I am Etharion.May i know your name?" he said towards Makaveli. "I think i have meet the rest of you before." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Tervestra then glanced to Etharion and nodded, "Nice to meet you Etharion. I'm Tervestra, Ter for short."
She then looked to the forest, hoping to see the person who called out before. Ter started walking toward it hesitantly, but stopped at the tree-line, unsure of whether to introduce herself to this mighty power within the forest.
Ice jumped down out of her tree. "Nice to meet you, Tervestra, I am Icefangs, but everyone else here calls me Ice," she says with a smile. She waves at everyone else. "I see that we all often go to the same places," (like the power rangers! we're a team!Ha Ha Ha Smilie ) she says grinning.

"Of course, though I swear it's accidental, at least on my part. I have to admit, it is nice to see everyone again."

Cal smiled at her old friends and at Ter.
Bradly stands there listening to the others. He looks around but still is listening.
Ter grins and glances to each of them.
"Nice to meet you all! This is a coincidence, no doubt. I have been hoping to see some people for a long time. This is wonderful.
(rotfl Ice! Very Big Grin Smilie )
Makaveli steps into the commotion and speaks up. "The name's Makaveli, but you can call me Mak. I'm of the Noldor race, and I arose with the first rising of the moon, and ever since then i've been a foe of the fallen Vala, and his followers, whom's name i will not mention in such a place as we stand." Makaveli glances around the woods searching for any unwanted visitors.
"I am in the pursuit of a party, consisting of 47 Uruk-Hai, whom assaulted myself and 3 other warriors of my kind. Alas my companions fell in the vicious battle, although we did a great deal of damage to their numbers, there were 100 of them when they snuck up on us in the night, 7 moons ago." Makaveli pauses as he reminisces the tragedy, he straightens up and appears to have made up his mind. "Has anyone seen any spoor from my game? Because I must continue on to get my revenge!"
Shouldn't you let Adreia decide what is going to happen since it is her thread? The polite thing to do is to ask: "What do you want to happen in this thread, Adreia? I have an idea if you don't have one."
(Thank you Amarie!!!!!!!)
Ter glanced to Mak and nodded once with a charmed smile.
"Nice to meet you, I"m Tervestra, Ter for short. And no, not a sign of your quarry has been spotted around here. You okay Sir? Something seems to be wrong..."
sorry never done this stuff before, so i have no idea what's going on
Ah, that's okay! We'll help you through it. Consider it non-existant
Etharion said " Hmmm. I have heard in the night a large party moving through the canyon south of here. But that was nearly three days ago. I fear your quary is far away by now. But maybe i can help, if you wish so. I too am a enemy of the Dark Lord, and all his servants. And i am of the Noldor race as well." he said almost sadly."But that is a story for another time."
Ter furrowed her brows, looking up at Mak.
"Come to think of it, I did hear some ruckus the other night. I am an enemy myself of the Dark Lord, and hope to see an end to come of him."
"The great Darko Lord is finished" he said to Ter "We hunt his servants that still do evil deeds under our sky."
Ter nodded in agreement with Etharion.
"Indeed they shall. Not many who pass through the canyon even live, so our job could very well be done."
She glanced up at Mak. "Would you care to join us, feel free. The others I imagine will come also."

Alright! This is the perfect number of people for this, so this is all that will stay! Glad you all joined!!!
okie dokie Adreia, let's get this show on the road. :P This is gonna be tons of fun.

Smiling, Cal turned to Ter.
"Well, let's head out, or set up some sort of camp if we're not."
(okie-dokerz Arwen. Yup, that it'll be :-D)

Ter turned to Cal and smiled.
"Right away madam. Before we venture out though, we might need to go to my hut and get some supplies."
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Bradly looks at them."I have my supples ready already."
"Alright, I am ready to leave whenever everyone else is, and please call me Cal, Ter. I really hate formal titles, or titles for that matter."
"Oh, okay Cal. Sorry! Just have to wait for the word from the others."
(Oh righto. I'll get to it!)
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