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Name: Alynna Darkrose
Age: 21
Race: Half-elven
sex: female
Eyes: ice Blue
Hair: light brown w/ silver white streaks
height: 5' 7"
Weapons, clothes,etc: A long mithril sword, crossbow w/iron shafts
high black boots, black pants, silvery tunic, blue/grey hooded cloak
Other stuffs: Been on her own since she was 16 which was when her mother died. Her mother had been human and her father was elvish. Once her mom died her father disowned her. Alynna is self reliant and not too quick to trust. An expert swordsman, Alynna often works as a mercanary.
Name Valedhelgwath
Age Several thousand
Race Noldor Elf
Sex Male
Eyes Violet
Hair Golden, Long
Height 6'4"
Weapons Composite Longbow, Longsword, Throwing dagger, Hidden dagger in boot
Clothing Green tunic, trousers. Grey cloak. Soft leather boots.
Skills Expert bowman. Skilled at stalking/hiding (Ranger skill of "Shadow" if allowed). Tracking. Animal tongues.
Other info Born in Gondolin. Spent much time with the Woses (and bears Woses tattoos on face). Earned the emnity of Khamul the Easterling, one of the Nazgul. Often travels with two chetmig (similar to mountain lions) but may be persuaded to leave them at home. Tends to be bit of a loner.
Name : Tolgar
Age : 36
Race : Beorning
Sex : Male
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 6'1"
Weapons and equipment : Long knife, Arms! , cooking equipment
Clothing: Light tunic, heavy cloak, trousers, leather boots
Skills: Tracking, night vision, ability to turn into Bear, great strength, animal tongues,
stealth, cooking,
Other Info : Tolgar has a temperment much like his father, Beorn, gruff, unpredictable but yet gentle and honourable. He has inherited the ability to shapeshift at will and often wanders amongst the animals from Mirkwood to the Misty mountains. A loner by heart he will however take a few close personal friend and is fiercely loyal. A highly skilled fighter who relies on his strength rather than other weapons, Has also a strong liking for good food and strong beer Smoke Smilie
Cool! A few more people and I'll start up the RPG thread!
Can I join you? I have never played RPG before, so please guide me if I do something wrong. Big Smile Smilie

Name: Allyssa Cadwallon (I hope this is not too simillar to yours Alynna?)
Age: 5000
Race: Half-elven (is there room for another half-elf? since 2 halves = 1?)
illegitimate child of a Sinda nobleman and a Haladin woman
sex: female
Eyes: blue/ green
Hair: auburn
height: 5'4" (height takes after her Haladin side)
occupation: Healer and loremaster
Weapons, clothes,etc: Healing herbs, medical supplies. Wears robes over tunic and leggings. Sturdy shoes. Weapons: Traditional axe, although reluctant to use it.
Other info: Father unknown. Mother died in childbirth. Was raised in an orphahage for Haladin. Trained as a healer with the elves when adult. Seems to be an exception to the rule of half-elves being mortal. Perhaps she has a destiny to fulfill?
Gentle and friendly, but secretive about her past. Possibly knows more than she tells. Likes to laugh and swap stories.

Is that okay? Do I need to add anything? Smile Smilie
Ok I think we're good to go! More people can jon once we get the story rollin' Just post your Bio on this thread NOT the RpG thread Big Smile Smilie
Waaa! Me too! I wanna play *grins*

Name Halo
Age 18
Race Orc halfbreed, but wether she's half Orc and half Human is unkown. Diffinatly half Orc half Something.
Sex Female
Eyes Red
Hair Blond with the tips dyed red, long
height 6'1
Weapons A Dagger. A Sling: for throwing rocks, small woodland creatures, etc. Her fists.
Clothing A light, dark grey, sleaveless tunic. trousers, black: cut off at the knee. Boots (also black). A belt with various pouches.
Skills Good at sneaking around and hiding. Expert with a dagger. Runs very quickly. Can see in the dark and talk to cats. Only cats I'm afraid, anything else just trys to bite her.
Backround Abandoned just outside of Bree as a newborn, found and raised by a widow who lived there. Spent much time exploring the land around Bree, sometimes going as far as Weathertop. When not out and about she can be found in the Prancing Pony, drinking and listening to any tales that strangers to Bree have to tell. Once tryed to find Angmar but went the wrong way and got herself lost in the shire for a few weeks before she figured the way home again. Many of the locals in Bree claim shes a demon and are fond of pointing her sharp teeth and red eyes out to visitors and rangers, this usualy ends in a punch-up.

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Ahhhhh.... an orc-toilet...... Flush her quick....
Ahhhhh.... an orc-toilet...... Flush her quick....

*grins* Please no. I had enough of that at school Big Laugh Smilie
Ooops, sorry Val, I didn't notice that the first time I read it. thanks for pointing it out to me. I was just duplicating my AD&D character whith only a few modifications. Don't worry about it, I will just change my character a bit. It may take a few days to figure something out.

hmmmmm Mellie is thinking. that could be a dangerous thing.
I don't know whether this character is okay, but I'll try...

Name: Sairina
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Race: Witch (Is that a race, like wizards? If not then she's a human)
Eyes: Jade green
Hair: Blood red
Height: 5'9"
Weapons: A staff made from mahogany wood (with vines entwining it from the base and a crystal globe at the top) and a sword.
Clothing: Black tunic, leggings and boots under dark brown dress and robe.
Skills: Can conjure fire from her bare hands and can speak most of the ME languages.
Background: She didn't know her parents or where she came from, but lived with an old man who found her in the woods when she was still a baby. Discovered her powers as a child but kept it as a secret from her adopted father and only learnt how to sword-fight from him. After he died, she traveled around ME, learning magic, fighting evil and is still searching for her origin. Protects herself by putting up a tough and cold appearance which led many to think of her as evil but is actually warm and kind-hearted especially to those she likes, though she does not have many friends.
Can I Join?

Name: Orimono Shujin
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Hair: Black Spikey Hair
Eyes: Green, Wears Sunglasses
Clothing: Army Green Jacket Rolled Up to the elbows, white t-shirt underneath baggy black pants.
Wapons: Sword, And tons of daggers.
Race: Human
Occupation: Traveling Bartender

Rather Bad Description On The Clothes...Subject To Change... Cool Smilie

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Name: Maeve Ring
Age : 17
Race : Human
Eye : Black
Hair : Black
Height : 5 3"
Sex : Female
Weapons : Skillful with her bow, and a short sword which she seldom used
Skills : Learn some magic since childhood. Can communicate with animals.
Some brief description : She lived with her father who was a skilfull hunter and sometimes she received a visit from an old woman who willingly taught her some magic. She has an eagle, Stormrider, which she received as a present from her father on her 7th birthday. She had the same dream each night and it disturbed her life since since then. It was kept secret until one day she told the old woman bout her dream.....

Is my character ok?

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valar, Orimono... you both sound okay to me (except the dress-code, Orimono Super Scared Smilie )

You don't need an introduction... just turn up in Bree (Planet-Tolkien Roleplay/Many Meetings) See you in there (but you won't see me Cool Smilie )
Name Melliot Sandybanks:
Age 129
Race Gnome-Sorceresse
Sex Female
Hair Long Blonde
Height 5'2"
Eyes Amber
Weight 94 lbs
Other Info She has a white tiger cub with which she travels named Kalenbrethilia that she calls Kali. She is a friend to all animals and can communicate with them. She is headed towards an elven community She has been sent there to refine her skills as a sorcerer and receive more training in other areas as well. She has a bit of a rebellious streak.

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This is not meant to be like Tolkien's character, but is it ok? Wink Smilie

Name: Princess L’thien
Age: 29
Race: Elven
Eyes: Turquoise but turns ice blue in near the pupil
Hair: Black with a gold tint when in the sun
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Sex: Female
Weapons: Very skilled with an Elvish long bow. Also carries an Elvish sword. Has her black stallion named Arubhan and her albino Falcon named Venganza. Her intellignece and wit make her a a dangerous foe indeed.
Other: She is an heir to a vast kingdom but she abandaons it after her parents are killed. She is very much like a female Strider or Agagorn. She is hoping to learn some magic along which ever path she takes.
Hi Mellie and Princess, right at the top of this thread ArwenEvenstar said
All races are accepted but I'll only allow 2 elves. First come, first serve. Ditto on wizards.
As this is Arwen's game, I'm not sure if she'll allow your elven characters as we have one elf and two half-elves already playing. Arwen doesn't appear to have visited the game herself very much recently though, so you might be able to sneak them in under cover of darkness.

Arwen told me she was intending introducing some plots etc to get things moving. She experienced some log-in problems for a while which prevented her from doing this, but since getting back on site, she still hasn't. I'm quite busy with a few other projects at the moment, but if Arwen still hasn't returned by the time I get those cleared up, I'll pull Valedhelgwath out of the game and attempt to introduce a plot/story etc for the rest of you to play.
I've been a Dungeon Master for years using AD&D and Rolemaster systems, but have never tried something like this where no dice, statistics etc are used. Give it a few weeks and I'll see what I can come up with... In the meantime get to know each other and have some fun in Bree (Planet-Tolkien Roleplay - Many Meetings)

Please remember No killing each other's characters and you only control your own character (ie you cannot make decisions for someone elses character)
I'd appreciate it if you didn't destroy the whole of Bree either, or kill any Tolkien character that lived beyond this time period in the book.
k.if anything left...this is my first rpg so don't twist my arm if i make any mistakes:
Name:Baurglir Of The Shadows
Weapons:a longbow and a dark,long sword with handle in shape of two trees embraced,with a red jewel between their roots,a small round shield with the symbol of the same trees as on the sword,surrounded by a snake.
About;He appeared from the far South,10 years ago,and no one knows his origins or nation.It is said he was an Umbar Corsair captain thought drowned when his fleet vanquished on the southern seas.He is most skillful at archery,but he is also a good swordsman.Even if now fights against the Dark Powers,it is rumoured he was seen entering the Forbidden Gates Of Gundabad,where all who live are banned,for darkness of the Old Days still exists in the bottomless pits below.
ps where is the rpg hosted? Question Smilie
Okay, let's see if we can't get this show on the road (again)

I've pulled Valedhelgwath out and will attempt to "guide" the adventure. I've never tried doing one like this before without any stats etc, but we can just see where it goes. From time to time I might Private Message some of you, to let you know you have seen things that others may not have done, so try to check your PM's every now and again. Any that get missed, I will assume your character was not paying attention.

The adventure, by the way, for those of you that do not know, is in the neighbouring thread, "Many Meetings". See you in there.
Name: Bowen Helkar’th
Age: 43, but it doesn't show that much.
Race: Unknown. His ears are too pointed for him to be an elf, but he's to fair to be an orc either.
Sex: Male
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long. White.
Weapons: Staff. A long sword made from some dark metal. Variouse poisons (kept in a pouch hanging from his belt. Magic.
Clothing: A black hooded cloak. A black leather tunic with matching boots. Dark green trousers and a thick, brown leather sword belt.
Skills: Knows many ways to poison a person and can see and sence things that others can't. Skilled with both sword and staff and quite powerfull with magic, can talk to most animals and has the ability to stalk and hide in the shadows, you don't know he's there till he's right behind you with his dagger at your neck.
Backround: Not much is known about his past. He was born at the border of Angmar and its asumed his mother died giving birth to him, judgeing by the amount of blood. Strangley her body was nowhere to be found, there was no tracks leading away from the site of his birth and although it had been snowing it hadn't snowed after the birth itself. Any tracks or bloodstains would have been preserved by the snow and clearly visable. He was found by some travelling merchants who had lost there way, their leader was all for leaving the baby to die, but his sister was enchanted by the strange little baby and took Bowen in and rased him as her own child. His adoptive mother was half-elven, hence his last name. After she died he took her name as his last name to honour her. Whilst growing up and traveling all over middle earth Bowen discovered he had a tallent for magic and was soon a tallented wizard. When he hit 35 he wandered away from his family and wife in search for adventure, this was when he met a young Halo Black, who had wandered away from Bree and, upon reaching Weathertop, had gotten herself lost. They travelled togetherfor two months before he returned Halo to her worried adoptive mother Elsbeth Aislan. He and Halo remain true friends, to the extent that he even taught her some basic magic and sword fighting.
Bowen is charming, funny and just a little dim at times.

Meet Bowen. Orc Grinning Smilie I'm probaly gonna try and introduce him into the RPG at a later date.

Nice to meet you Bowen Smile Smilie ,

though it's beginning to look like Halo's other friends have deserted her Sad Smilie
it's beginning to look like Halo's other friends have deserted her Sad Smilie

Poo! Orc Sad Smilie Its gonna be fun trying to keep two charicters going at once though *grins* Damn, I love RPGing Orc Smiling Smilie
Hey Halo! Its ok, I've returned from a long soujourn into the wilds and have finally stepped into the story. am waiting eagerly for the next bit! Smoke Smilie
Groovy! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Something tells me its time for Bowen to make an entrance Orc Smiling Smilie Time to liven this RPG up again!
Hey guys i have one character in one of the stories and i started my own up following the departure of bilbo, frodo, gandalf, elrond and any other important people who left to the gray havens.

Name: Sulgolandar
Age: has lived ever since the elves awoke.
Sex: male
Race: elven but looks more like a man.
Eyes: green
Hair: blondish brownish a little curly like aragorn.
Height: 6'6"
Weapons: hands, broad sword, colapsable shield, two long daggers, bow made of entwood/flesh, thin mithril arrows and a few trowing daggers. At times carries two small axes made completely of mithril except the handle is wrapped in leather.
Clothes: Traveling cloak and light leather boots. He also has full mithril armor for war.
Skills: Can talk with his large panther that is also immortal. Excellent swordsman, archer and is very stealthy. He has the characteristics of a Ranger.
History: Was one of the first born elves that awoke and began to speak. lived through all the ages and was one of the most intelligent people on Middle-Earth. Serving in all the wars the elves were concerned with and some with men and coming out with his life. Good friends elrond, galadrial, gandalf, aragorn and other important folk in middle-earth. Was known to few and has never been mentioned in stories of old wishing to be concealed. Until now where his intelligence, bravery, wisdom and fighting skills will help him make it to another age.
I would add a character but it looks like you didn't even bother playing.
What`s RPG?
Role Playing Game.

The sort of game where you assume the persona of a character and play the game through their eyes. Dungeons and Dragons is probably the most famous.
Thanks for helping me! I was lost there for the moment. Wink Smilie
am i allowed to play??
I wanna play but it looks sorta deadbeat if u know what i mean, any chance for another elf?
Yea, hey ArwenEvenstar? WHEN ARE WE GONNA START?(if we ever do) and if we do, can i play? peeeeeeeeeees?
ok, well if i can, heres my info...rmation:
Name: Delandra
Weapons:Thrydia(sword), Condra(knife) bow of Lothlorien and arrows of Imladris
Horse: Thaliatar
Description: Tall, long black hair with silvery whispies(love that wordWink Smilie ) sharp black eyes, fair face[tan in the summer], long sprinters legs
Title: Little one/ flower baby/ Vari’ o Cal’
Parents: Hangand and Lanigliel
Sibling: Nemalko, brother
Backround: Her father worked as the royal gardener for the royal family of Fadrithien, until he was killed by a Nazgul. The Nazgul was sent by the evil Queen Reng Menia, who turned the whole country of Fadrithien evil. Her mother, still greiving when Delandra left for her journey, stayed to take care of her brother, who had been shot with an orc arrow.
can i please play?

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Uh, Delida, save your breath, I don't think anything is happening here. Big Smile Smilie
I noticed.
You are VERY observant! Big Smile Smilie
hehe, i noticed that too! Wink Smilie
Did you? Another observant thought! I loooooooooooove
my avater!!!!!!
Im jealus. i want an avatar like that too. Sad Smilie
Then pm Amarie tell her that she's the best give her your avaerage features and ask her to make u one! She got me mine in like 2 days!
I did! Wink Smilie
My info:
equipment:staff,robes(blue),long sword,backpack
Bio:Elf mage which has a nice amount of power and expirience and is working on the idea of building a all elf city totally mixed and protected by powerful magic(all mages and warriors welcomed allike). Hates evil and destroys it utterly when it croses his path.

Ummm....when are we actualy going to start to play Arwen?
Name: Elgoluin
Age: Born First Age (present at Kinslaying)
Race: Sindar
sex: male
Eyes: grey
Hair: black
height: 6'3"
occupation: Rogue (fighter thief)/ Alchemist
Kit: Clothes, relevent outdoor stuff ( will list if necessary) shortsword and dagger
Other info: Studied under Eol in Gondolin, enemy of Curufin, have met Beren and Luthien........
I hope its not too late to start

Race: Dunadain (however you spell it -_-)
Weapons and equipment: Long sword, bow, arrows, dagger
Clothing: Green cloak, green shirt, brown skirt with brown pants underneath, black boots
Skills: Fighting, horseback riding, healing, carving and woodwork, blacksmith work
Other Info: Very wise, Adreia is a kind maiden who loves helping others without getting help herself. She is almost always on the move, travelling (of course). A very sociable person, she enjoys the company of people, but sometimes prefers the company of her horses. She may get very tempermental at times, and be calmers than a flat ocean at others. She's a little on the loco side.
Age:born in first age
Race: Sindar
Weapons and equipment: Dagger (Eog) Prosthetic Hand ( twin of maedhros) Dragon Helm
Clothing: Simple elven garb
Skills: Alchemist, trained with Eol and later Celebrimbor, friend of Curufin (in a dubious way) present at the Dagor Bragollach and Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Adreia looks at Elgoluin curiously, then shrugs to herself and looks to the horizon with a small sigh.
Etharion turns into dust, from all this waiting.
Silren of Angmar

Name: Silren of Angmar
Age: 31
Race: Edain, Dunedain from the North
b]sex: female
Eyes: grey
Hair: black
height: 5'8" (height takes after her Haladin side)
occupation: Ranger, wants to retire.
Appareance: Healing herbs, standard ranger medical supplies. Dark blue cape, black trousers, Dark black leather armour, vambraces. Sturdy boots.
Weapons: two swords, one standard ranger sword, the other is an heirloom, bow, quiver of arrows, a couple of daggers. Silren special skill: ambidexterity.
Other info:
D’nedain ranger originally hails from the Northern Regions of Eriador. Her family originally came from Angmar but fled that region when the Witch King came into power. Born and raised in the Angle, Silren knows all about D’nedain traditions and is skilled with bow and sword. The past years she has served in Ithilien gathering intelligence for her chieftain and she done special assignments for Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth with permission of Aragorn. She has become weary of the ranger life and this will be her final assignment as a ranger’ or not.

name: Makav’li
sex: Male
race: High Elven (Noldor)
age: As old as the moon
Description: Long dark hair, sky blue eyes, light complexion, meduim, but toned, build. Agile as a cat, quick as a bunny, strong as an Ox, far sighted as a hawk.
Height: 6'4"
Armor: All black, strong Elven armor.
weapon: "Luciendar" - Sword of Light. Long blade that cleaves orc flesh like a hot knife threw butter.
History: Born when the moon first blessed middle-earth with it's light. Did great deeds in the wars of Beleriand, traveled with Gil-galad's company and fought beside him when he fell. Has dropped his last tear long ago, for the sorrows of middle-earth. A true foe of Morgoth, and any who follow the dark ways. Fearsome in battle and one to be reckoned with.