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Am I the only one who feels that Wormtongue was an object of Tolkien's hatred? I personally like Grima and think that he should have lived and returned to Rohan as a lesser councillor until he earned his place in King Eomer's court.
How do you like Grima he was a traitor and weakened Theoden and the Rohirrim.
Grima was given the chance to stay in Rohan, instead he chose to go to Saruman. Would you choose him to serve you after he had betrayed you? I think not.

And yet people still think Gollum should have been cured? Grima was poisoned by Saruman just as King Theoden. He saw his folly only after Saruman fell. Yes he was a traitor and a traitor should be punished, but i think seeing Saruman fall coupled with the way Saruman treated him was punishment enough.

He may have been under Sarumans influence, but still you can't really trust him anymore. And besides what kin of example would that be for the Rohirrim and the people of Edoras?

ok, well let's say that you were Grima, just supposing. How would you want to be treated? I personally believe everyone deserves a second chance, especially after seeing how wrong they were.

Grima got what he deserved for betraying his king and Rohan. He was given a chance to return to Rohan by Gandalf but refused. His fear defeated him and he was Saruman's shadow. He had no will of his own.I am not fond of Grima for  the way he crept after Eowyn and weakened Theoden. I cannot feel sorry for him. Smeagol I pity.

Exactly what Soora said. Theoden resisted Sarumans enchanting voice. Grima couldn't, Therefore he has a weak will. Someone with a weak will shouldn't the kings advisor.

ok well, didn't he change? at the very end of the third book he was going to stay and then killed Saruman. The Hobbits acted immediately to an act that actually saved them from further trouble. Yes he was wrong and i am not disputing that but i think that after seeing Saruman fall and then Saruman treat him so bad, well, there are limits to what a person should have to endure, no matter how bad. Soora, the pity you feel for Gollum, well, i feel the same for poor Grima.

Oh Durin I pity Grima too, trust me I do (nice rhyme I threw in there haha), but that's not the point. The thing is that although we pity him he is no longer fit to be the king's advisor. Yes I pity him greatly but he still committed treason and that's not acceptable. It's as if after the Ring is destroyed and suppose Gollum survives. Ok he might be a new person he might not be evil anymore but you know that you still can't trust him with anything important because of what he did.

I see your point my friend. Well, for myself, I wouldn't trust him right away but i would allow him to work his way back up through hard work, honest labor and such. I'm not fool enough to trust him straight away. But i would let him redeem himself. My apologies for not clarifying.

You also have to remember that Eomer and Grima didn't have the best relationship, and that's saying little, so I don't think it would've worked out. But yea, Durin, I understand what you are saying that he could work his way back up to councillor.
But definitely not while Eomer is king.

Again a fine point! It shames me to have been so blind, a child could see your arguments as valid. I remove my hat to you sir!