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He sat looming over his pint of ale "where his he at" the man scowled "12 days I have waited here,12 days and no sign, when he does appear i'll crack his head."
A young elven woman appears before him. She smiles. "It has been a while my friend." she whispered. She was wearing a gown of Mithril. The sword of Nocissa was strapped to her waist. A bow, quiver, and two blades were strapped to her back. "What is the matter?" she asks...
"Loriene is it you? It has been many years since we last crossed path." he continues
"Elfman was supposed to meet me here but he has not appeared and it has been 12 days. I am worried on why he is so late. But come and sit for it has been to long since we have talked, tell me of your travels?
Elfman stumbled through the forests he stopped and tokk a drink from hs aleskin he was tired and needed rest.
He sat down and pulled out the parchment still despite what he had been through. his muddy hands fumbled with the paper in the cold and he finlly unfolded it and looked at it in the fading light. He had to find Darous first and then down the list until the end there was his enemies name. Why me? he thought bitterly. Then thought Gandalf and Elrond knew he was capable of doing this and that was why he had chosen him.
I wanna play too, but I'm at loss for whats going on? I'm quite stupid you understand!
Darous was talking to Loriene when someone stumbled through the door. Darous went to their aid.
"Our you okay...can you stand?"
As he stared down he saw before him a fare maiden she had scrapings aling her face.
"Help me" she sayed
"barkeep a room now a bring some towels and hot water"
A strange looking elf-maiden walks into the room, shortly (litteraly) followed by a dwarf. They both gawp at the maiden for a few moments before turning to Darous.
"By the Gods! What happened to her? She looks like she's been attacked by an orc or something!" the elf-maiden gasps as the dwarf grumbles in a friendly manner and offers Darous some healing herbs for the girl.
"My friend I thank you." Darous said graciosly.
"All my herbs are gone since I had a viciois encounter with a group of orcs a few days a go."
"Here are some others that you might not have." The tall elf who had been sitting at a nearby table handed Darous another sack. In it was edhelberia, the rarest healing weed in all of Arda.

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"Thank you my friend...these will be put to good use." replyed darous as he went back to the young maiden.
When Shaen awoke the next morning, she was in a nice bed, surrounded by several stranger's faces. What had happened last night, she wondered. She started to yawn, but gasped in pain as the scratches stretched. That was right, she'd been waylaid by a wolf on her way, and had stumbled to the nearest inn after killing it. She started to ask who the people were, but decided against it, it hurt too much.
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