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like the Abc's in order in Elvish and all other 13 languages
You mean the alphabets used?
My keyboard doesn't have elvish on it. Elf Smilie I can hand-write it & Dwarvish, but I can't type it.
HTML can doit 1 website did it
At one time we had pages containing the Cirth runes as well as the Tengwar Elvish script; however, someone pointed out they had some errors so they were removed pending correction and probably were forgotten. I'm sure that if one or more members saw fit to assemble accurate page(s) of the alphabets, that they would added probably under our J.R.R. Tolkien section.

As for someone developing a downloadable Tengwar character set, that would be a major undertaking and while it would be nice to have it available to the members and the public at large, might run into copyright laws. have Angerthas, Dwarf Runes and Tengwar Quenya fonts to download, the Angerthas seems to be correct, haven't looked at the dwarf runes, and the tengwar is suppose to be Beleriand style and that is not coverd by my lotr book so I have no idea if it is correct. But it has been there for a long time now, so I guess if they saw something was wrong they would have removed it.

If someone has the complete Tengwar alphabet printed in the Appendix E in LOTR I'd like to see it..
I will look into this some point in the week.