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be up again
Yes! Well ...
'... maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.'
In other words, we haven't the foggiest idea. Shaking Head Smilie But it isn't off the radar, so I'm sure one of these days it will suddenly reappear. Cool Elf Smilie
As soon as I find the time to write one, I am not too well atm.
The Maps and J.R.R. Tolkien Art Galleries have now returned.
Lord of the Rings Cast List photos.
Thank you Taz Happy Elf Smilie
Taz is great at getting things on his To Do List done; too bad it is such a long list. We just need to be patient and he will get it all done up to perfection. Thank you Tarrant for all of the hard work you have put in to making this such a wonderful Tolkien site. We all appreciate everything you have done for all of us Tolkien Fans.


Great job there Taz! Thanks a lot for all you and the council are doing! You're the ones who make PT a cozy and warm home on the web. Big hug to all of you! Thumbs Up Smilie
I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Pary Smilie
look even someone new agrees!!
Just curious to know if there had been any progress in resurrecting the art galleries...

If there hasn't been...why not?
Okay, I am going to make this simple: Until someone answers my question regarding the resurrection of the Art Galleries, I am going to be like Tim Robbins's character Andy Dufragne in The Shawshank Redemption(one of my fav.'s) and write here once a week for five weeks in attempt to get an answer. If that proves insufficient, I will then commence writing three times a week in here until the question is addressed. Okay? Great. And no, this post doesn't count as the one for this week. That will come in a couple of days! Dunce Smilie
A PM to Tarrant might pull more weight, as the Gallery's facilitation is beyond the rest of the council's purview: like we can't do anything about it. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Sorry.
Thank you Grondy. I shall PM Tarrant regarding this, but I am also going to continue with my scheduled annoyance. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie If the CM's are not able to do anything, perhaps Tarrant will notice continuous postings in here, as on other occasions I have tried to contact him, to no avail. Fear not, dear art lovers, I will prevail!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Well, any news yet?
It is becoming increasingly difficult to display published works, including art, due to copyright infringement and the ever vigilant intellectual property protection lawyers.
So, if there are any Tolkien artists out there who would like to display their work with permission in the gallery, then contact Taz. Smile Smilie
Oh, so that's what it is...makes sense. Unfortunately, I myself am not an actual artist, just an avid art-lover. So I have nothing to contribute except my nagging! So, if anyone needs a nag for any reason, let me know.

Amarie's a great artist...I know there's got to be more budding artists out there! Anyone?
Yeah, there is the fan art section.