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How about an option somewhere in Edit Profile to make the display of the icon that community supporters get, an optional thing?

Not everyone want it publically known they are a supporter, preferring to be an anonymous donor.
Then those that kept their 'supporter' would be deemed showoffs. No one should be ashamed to be seen supporting PT. It is important, I think, that support is visible to encourage others.
I don't see how you would not want that crown!!!!!! I wish I had a crown. Sad Smilie
I think it would look better though with green writing and a white background the same as the crown, or even gold writing.

Ooooh just thought of something else...... how about a sponsor flag so that those who want to sponsor one of our younger members who can't afford to be a supporter, can. It can either be done annonnnymousely or the member being sponsored can be told who their sponsor is.

Do you love me or what!

Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
You can purchase supporter memberships for other members if you are already a supporter by clicking here, though it won't show a sponsorship flag I am afraid.

The displaying of your supporter image is going to stay mandatory for the time being.
Doesn't that mean if I change supporters I won't be a supporter which sort of defeats the object or does it add another member to my account?
It adds another member, as discussed in the Chat Room the button has been renamed to make this clearer.
Then those that kept their 'supporter' would be deemed showoffs.

How so? Nobody but taz would know if there were any "anonymous donors".

No one should be ashamed to be seen supporting PT. It is important, I think, that support is visible to encourage others.

There are lots of reasons a supporter would want to remain anonymoys, shame is the least of all the possible reasons. Not wanting a "Significant Other" to see you spending money on something they don't approve of, for example.
Mil - if one's significant other thinks spending ’1 or ’2 a month on something like this is bad then that SO should take a walk. I can't think of reasons not to show support but that's just me.

Thanks taz - you are a star!

And one can do this through the main banner on the first page...... convenient.....
Mil is just worried his friends will find out that he likes this place. Wink Smilie

Jokes aside, I really understand that people would keep donations secret no matter how big or small. I am sure there will be other ways to donate money in the future which will be for Tarrants eyes only. But to get (and keep) an avatar we have to pay, which is mostly what the Community Supporter thing means. You get some advantages the others don't have.
Well, I wouldn't think having a supporter flag means you have been spending money. After all, someone else could pay it for you now. The bank statement is the one to watch...... that's a give away!
Vee, I love you!!! And you can stop whenever!!! Okay? Because this is like just amazingly nice!! And it is started to make me cry seriously!!!! Happy tears, Happy tears!!
I think it's a cool idea having a little flag.

How about adding it to your ten mile long 'to do' list, Taz?