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A separate forum for members to list items for sale or swap - column for cash price and one for what you would accept as a swap. Like for Like, cd for cd, vid for vid, dvd for dvd, book for......... Any cash sales earn PT 10%. Link to the sellers PT message thing and they close the deal with whoever it is.

Great, PT is finally turning into eBay!!
Thank you for your constructive comments.
It is an interesting idea, but one fraught with potential legal problems, but that said, I like it.

I offer this amendment, let anyone browse such a forum, but only supporters can post articles for sale/swap. That way, people will have an incentive to become supporters.
Hmm... i highly doubt this will ever happen. Separate forums is too much work (we have asked but for different reasons). Moderator Smilie
That's fine Amarie. I certainly wasn't suggesting anything like eBay and access to it would have to be limited to members at least.
Ahh changed my post befor I saw you had posted,sorry. Wiggle Smilie
tut tut - changing the timeline.......