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When responding to a post, I have to open a 2nd browser window. One to show the post Im responding to, the other to make my response. This is... fiddly.

Why not put the last post in a thread above the textarea we are given to respond in, so we can see what we are responding to as we respond to it, without having to have a 2nd browser window open?
Cut and paste the post you are replying to and have it in your new post window until you have finished, then delete it or just remember what you are replying to.
My mouse as forward and back buttons as does my browser. Still, I often work with two or three windows open so that I can see what I was writing about, as well as being able to google so that I sound smarter than I really am. Elf Winking Smilie

While I agree it would be nice to have the text box below the previous posts, like we had on old P-T, I think it would be very difficult for Taz to add now.

Vee's cut and paste method is probably the quickest method and if you click the yellow quote ballon before and after pasting, you can ensure your reader will know to what you were responding. You can still delete the part that isn't apropos.