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There I was in the bath...... thinking, as you do, about the Quest and what I was writing..... and wishing people could hear it how I heard it in my head... then it came to me !!!! How about a forum much like the Journals for people to put up a sound byte or MP3 or whatever they are.... quotes from Tolkien, poems anything that lends itself to a decent sound byte thingy. It would be fun and interesting to hear other PTers and all those lovely diverse accents.

Possibly this might be too bandwidth consuming or other techy type problems.... might need another server or something - or links - whether it is something taz can host direct or not I don't know. And of course, content would have to be in keeping with the site so a Council member might have to check them before they get posted. And a mithril charge should be made. Or restrict it to Community Supporters.

Well, that's the basic idea and I am sure some of you computer geeks out there will know if this is possible for PT or not.

Ironically, I can't use my microphone because I can't get to the back of the pc to plug it....

I like this idea, it souds fun! Although no one probably wants to hear my high-pitched squeaking :-/
It is an interesting idea, but one fraught with problems, both technical and legal. The two main ones, Ive listed below.

1) Quotes from tolkien, could this perhaps be copytight infringment, in which case, Taz could get into a whole buttload of trouble. He can do this well enough by himself, without any assistance from us. *grins at Taz*

2) Technically... Storing soundfiles in a database is problematic (binary blobs, etc), so, how would they be stored, etc.

However, it is a good idea, it will give people the opportunity to actually HEAR what each other sounds like. People could then actually HEAR my cool accent, and I could hear theirs without needing to telephone them!

As an offshoot of this idea, how about putting a sound byte of each council member up on their bio page?
How about a deletion date so that they aren't stored indefinitely? And make it costly.
Deletion date is a great idea, should be applied to journal posts too, perhaps? What do you mean by "costly" though? That it should cost mithril to post a soundbyte?

Not a bad idea, and how about earning you mithril each time its listened to?
If it is available for nothing then it will be abused. People respect something more if they pay for it - mithril or by being a Community Supporter. I'd prefer that to getting mithril every time it is listened to.