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Here's another idea.....

I know there is a help file and I also know how nobody ever uses one (sigh) but how about a FAQ as well, aimed at those people thinking about joining or just joined. These are the people who will have queries about where to post, how to introduce yourself, have a username ready etc....

What will I need to join?
Where is it best to post?
What do the locations mean?
What is an avatar and do I want one?
How do I introduce myself on the forums?
Guidelines to posting netiquette etc
Mithril? Wassat?
Does it cost anything to join?
Coming soon to this website!! (Great chance to advertise the up and coming features Taz is planning)
I'll raise this idea at the next meeting we have. Ideally it is something which would appear in the left-hand menu bar, but that is something Taz would have to impliment. Maybe if one of us prepared a FAQ text for him, it would not be too time consuming for him to put it in place. Failing that, making a "bumped closed" thread in the Help section would possibly suffice, although that would rely upon newbies finding it.
If you name it "Big secret, do not read!" they will find it..
I think it should be apart from the message boards. Either a link to it from the New Account page and on completion of membership and maybe a link on the home page.

It would also be an idea to put a note in about your Username. There are details about the race and location choice but people are suddenly faced with 'what username should I use?' I have heard several people mutter that they chose a name quickly without thinking too much and regret their choice. Perhaps a few words of wisdom on why they need a name and how to choose a suitable one.

Maybe... just maybe........ it is also possible for new members to automatically be directed into the forum and thread for saying hi I am new etc. with a request they tell us briefly about themselves. That way all the welcomes could be contained.
It also appears that the Help File is not available until after someone has joined so something accessible to everyone might be an idea.

I shall shut up now......
Strange! It shouldn't be, the Help Guide when implimented correctly should be used as a general FAQ, we do also have a guide for newbies area which is sent as a link via their welcome e-mail on initial registeration -- This document answers most of those questions you outlined.

I will checkout why the Help Guide is only available once you're logged in.
Ok.... the help file is available outside of logged in time...... not sure what happened there when I tried it before. I was going through the steps to see what a newbie needs when registering and I couldn't see the help file on the left but now I do so either I was in la-la land (very likely) or it was a glitch.

But..... the thing about a FAQ is that it would answer those question every newbie needs answered like where is the cafeteria in this place? The help file is very useful for members who know what they want to find. A FAQ would instantly answer all those newbie questions that newbies don't know they need to know. Have I lost anyone yet? I just thought that a FAQ would be easier for those people thinking of joining and wanting to know how, what and why.

I don't know what information is now sent out to people joining but the email I got, while welcoming, didn't really tell me much and by that time I had already selected my location (there is a lot more info now on location when you join anyway!) and my username (which I am happy with anyway) but a FAQ would zoom in on those matters for newbies and would be newbies.

People can post in here what they want to see which is good but maybe send out a questionnaire occasionally to prod people into giving their views as well.
We are considering adding a FAQ list as another Council News Item: these are accessible from each members Home page.
Man, I could've done with a FAQ link when I joined. I was sitting there, saying: "Avatar, what's an avatar?" And the Message thing. I thought it was proper emailing, and for every message I would say I was from PT too. The recipients must've thought 'Duh!'