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Some have suggested using google to search threads and posts. May I suggest 1) include a button that will show me all my posts for a given timeframe eg last week, with option last month, last 3-months, everything 2) an auto message to the originator of the thread each time there's a reply to that thread, or one auto message at the end-of-day 00:00 to the originator of any thread that's been replied to that day 3) an option "keep track of this thread" a personailsed list of tracked threads with an option to remove the tracked thread

Prolific posters of new threads can then keep track of responses. Same with threads of interest.

I can example two sites who provide these options if you'd like to view. Message me for details.
This is a bare bones Message Board that is being designed by Taz (Tarrant) and what you want is all well and good, but there are other functions that are needed first. Like being able to tell the newest thread date from the main forum menu rather than having to open each one to see if anything is new. Happy Elf Smilie
Yes that's true --- and no doubt there are several others that are even more important that the one you have outlined. Patience is a virtue for sure. And tone.
Like being able to tell the newest thread date from the main forum menu

Working on this at the moment.
And now it is a fait accompli. Thanks Taz. Cool Elf Smilie
IThanks Taz. It's surprising how one modification can make such a difference.
Dittos to that, it is very helpful and saves time.

Thank ya Taz.
Super Wow Smilie grondmaster Paranoid Smilie - your English is so how do you say "ainsi charmant" ? Boring Smilie

Teacher Smilie fait accompli --- an accomplished fact Very Big Grin Smilie --- well not quite grondmaster Rolling Eyes Smilie --- "presque" to be more precise Animated Wink Smilie

Thx for all your hard work Taz it's very much appreciated by all us newbies ...

When you find the time perhaps you can comment on other suggestions put forward.

grondmaster - soyez patient mon ami que la vie est trop courte Angel Smilie

babel fish - a remarkable tool
I have set this week aside to work on just those suggestions you mention Condoghost.