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Earlier today, two people came in, asking what appeared to be a simple question:
In the films, Legolas was blond. Was he also blond in the books?

I now know he wasn't, he was brown haired. Thank you Arvana for looking this up.

It set me pondering. How about a database of character appearance and short histories or biographies. That way questions like that will be easily answered.

The way I envision this, a simple mysql database, into which subscribed members can add entries, and the council members can moderate. Each entry would take the following format:

Place of Origin
Physical description
Brief biography
Book first seen in

The database could then be used to answer questions like the one asked today, or even just compare your own mental image with the one Tolkien obviously had of them.
I like this idea, Milambar. Smile Smilie
Definitely bares looking into.
A lot of work though... do you envisage it as work-in-progress for a while? Additional resources are always good.
Yep, with a lot of help from our friends. Big Smile Smilie
But we shall have to consult with Taz first, as he has to make a wee spot available.
I don't imagine this as a project that will materialize over night. As I said, bares looking into.
The Guide Project does this and already includes a vast number of the characters and locations written, I just need to port it over from the old PT engine to the current. I will try and get around to doing that this week.
Some of us have no idea what the Guide Project is. Waiting with worms on tongue. (Any chance of some Scouts as well?)
Vee Wormtongue?? Hmmmmmm....

I've heard less positive things about English cooking. After living there for a month, I discarded it as empty rumors. But if I had been served worms I would most likely have thought differently!

Let me guess: Taste like chicken, right? Rolling Eyes Smilie
Some of us have no idea what the Guide Project is. Waiting with worms on tongue. (Any chance of some Scouts as well?)

The guide project is PT's version of the Encyclopedia of Arda. There has been extensive work done on it and I believe you will be well pleased when it is resurrected. Indeed, this is the perfect place for the biographies.
I will be more than glad if I can help with any of this, about time I did something useful around here. Animated Wink Smilie

It sounds like a great idea to me, and much less work than the guide entries. Less to read, and everything you basically need to know is there. Sounds great. I will be back somewhere in the beginning of August (probably Disturbed Smilie ) and in the meantime you can reach me through email, I suppose some of you have my address, right?