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I'm new here, but have already noticed discussions and chats scheduled for certain times. i think it would be a great help if you had some sort of clock room where it had times of different major cities in the uk and us. that would help a lot, please consider it or something like it.
your friendly dwarf
I agree. I remember those times at home... "now, is NZ 12 hours behind or 12 hours ahead?" and of course I found that it was ahead, so therefore all the discussions are on monday when i'm at school!!!! NO!!!!!! Waaaaaa....... The only time I could get on here would be after midday on Sunday, and that's Saturday, Greenwich mean time. Or was it Monday? Hm.........
I use this link for Times Around the World. The asterisks denote Daylight Savings Time, which is Spring forward and Fall (Autumn) back and it has already been taken into account and can still be confusing because the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, or are the Northern Hemisphere's seasons the ones that are reversed, anyway don't worry about it has already been factored into their tables.