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Tarrant you are so wise and smart(and because of Council) that you should change your nickname to Elrond!!!Who agrees with me?
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If he did that we would no longer have Taz-Mania!

I'm pretty sure we already have an Elrond lurking somewhere as well.
according to the members list, there is 7.... Very Mad Smilie
Eru would be nice for Tarrant to!! Smile Smilie
westu tarrant hal!
I see what you mean Elrohir. Wink Smilie But Tarrant should not change his nick, there are so many Elronds around on the internet. Tarrant is unique and should have a unique nick. And Elrond is just a lord, while Tarrant is a king! Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie you're right
Orc Grinning Smilie
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I did suggest (as a joke) that the Council Members should be 'Gandalfs' - Gandalf Nell, Gandalf Grondy, Gandalf Ama...... funnily enough they weren't exactly thrilled by that suggestion.

Gandalf Vee.....
Big Smile Smilie.Or you could be Council of Tarrant....
Manwe is way better then Elrond and I don't thind any have used it.
Eru is good too
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