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Maybe it is me, but the first row of the table says: Threat Topic.... I assume this has to be thread Topic????
"Threat topic" probably refers to any topic where i have contributed.

I dont mean to be a pain but hello again i am looking for imformation on Beren and Luithein, i checked in the projects section but he appears to be missing...... Shocked Smilie
I've started a thread in the Silmarillion Forum so you can ask any questions about Beren and Luthien in there. Hope that helps.
I don't know if anyone uses the Today's Messages link at the top of the Message Board (Forum) Homepage, but if they do they may be missing half of the new posts. This is due to the fact that it doesn't list all the new posts made in the last 24 hours, but only those made after midnight local time in England.

If you were to live on the western half of the USA and did your posting in the evening, you would see very few new posts had made it to the Today's Messages list, while a great many had been added to the Board in the last 24 hours.