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With Shaya puma's permission I am reposting a journal entry here for discussion and hopefully comment from taz.

uh, yeah, RPG's...
Author - Shaya puma
Written on - Thursday 6th January 2005 (04:50pm)

I'm responding to Laurelindhe ilmarin's journal entry because it's been on my mind, too. Commenting may be for me a bit presumptious. I cannot yet be a supporter despite the modest cost. I do not now post all that often. Neither do I have the time (and, possibly, personality) to chat, bearing a serious addiction to graphite and paper.

However, I'd like to message more, and the latest ten of what's being discussed shows up on the right side of the window. Even in my brief time here it seems that more and more of that is RPG's. I don't think there is anything wrong with RPG's. That they don't interest me is not an argument against them, of course. This, as with Laurelindhe ilmarin's journal entry, is not a criticism of RPG's. It just cuts down on how long the latest posts of strings that I might be interested in stay up.

Unfortunately, I cannot think of any solution that would not involve some reprogramming for Tarrant. I am really loathe to suggest adding any burden to one who is so generous to us all. The only things that occur to me are increasing the number of posts that stay up or having another list/place for RPG's. My intuition is that the latter would be some work, but that the former might not be all that hard. I really don't know.

Thumbs Up Smilie

Exactly what I had in mind!
This problem seems most apparent because a majority of our members, myself included, work the forum from the top of the menu down; thus the Tolkien threads drop off the bottom of the newest post listing shown on the upper right side of the webpage.

I'd suggest that maybe all the Guilds, Taverns, and Misc. threads could be omitted from this list, that way the more exclusively Tolkien discussions would remain visible for a longer duration.

The Guilds, Taverns, and Misc. threads would remain on the Menu for our reading and writing; but their posts just wouldn't show up in the newest post listing shown on the upper right side of the webpage.

I think this would be the optimun solution, but whether Tarrant can make it happen is another story.
Ok... I always go to message boards and then I select Today's messages. I hardly use the short list on the right screen. So for me ... no adjustments are necessary. I think that if you do that, the screen will be quite full. Now everything is nicely tucked together so that in one glance you can see what is going on.

Regarding the RPG threads Laurelindhe was mentioning... no of course there is nothing wrong with them. RPG is great fun! But Planet Tolkien is more then RPG only and I had the idea she was talking more about that. But I might be mistaken. My favorite part of the board is the Writers Guild, but that Guild is less dynamic then the RPG guild. But you know. Each their own cup of tea. Smile Smilie
I agree with Rhaps. RPG's are a lot of fun, but they are definately a bit dominating lately. I myself have vowed (just this morning!) to lay off them a bit, and get more involved in everything else. Smile Smilie It definately should be done by all RPG'ers.
Ai! Once again I have put my rotten foot in my mouth and the result is upset...I am sorry, I did not mean for this! Yes, Rhapsody, I was only hoping that this site would not do what a few others have done and gone over to all-RPG's and lost a lot of their member-base because of it. I dearly love the discussions and ramblings we have here, I'd hate to see them devalued or lost. I do not want anyone to put aside their creativity or activity that they love most only for the sake of a hypocrite like myself, though, and I am sorry that I have once again stirred up the kettle! But, for heaven's sake, while I'm on the subject, how many RPG's can one person be in at the same time anyway?
Dear Laurelindhe,

it is better to voice it then to let it run its course. And well I am glad you did and that I was not mistaken.

{{{Laurelindhe}}} Please don't feel bad voicing your opinion. You care deeply for this site and that clearly shows.
Of course, RPG's are just as much part of the forum as the various games and discussions. I find a number of them are more like storyboards and it can be fun to see how so many people can spin a tale, small bits at a time. I don't have the imagination for fiction, I think too many research papers and annual reports have managed to bury my creativity deep within my soul.

A while back, Taz did a program change so that we can have a link which displays all the posts for the day and it works rather nicely. The only downside is when the clock rolls over to 12am GMT, we lose the links as a new day has begun in the UK, while we are still whiling away our day on this side of the ocean. But I do like he feature better than the links on the right.
Because I have to read all of the non-RPG posts daily (except when I take a day off once in a while, like yesterday). I just ignore the upper right hand list and use the whole forum list, going by the date and only look at those that were written since was in a thread. The daily new thread list, as Nell said, is flawed so I ignore it.
That depends on where you live Grondmaster Wink Smilie I am in the timezone of Taz, so for me it isn't flawed. But I can imagine that for those who are behind in timezones it isn't that handy. Browsing the site: each to their own. Smile Smilie