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HI, I am new to this site and have probs with it. Not that I don't appreciate the effort that has gone into this one, but i think it needs a new one that is more user friendly. and this empty space to the right is simply that; I think something needs to be there. I also suggest using more colors.
Hi agree with Findarato. I'm new and the way it's set up is kind of wierd. It would be helpful to have a new format.
hi Findarato and D-rob
and this empty space to the right is simply that; I think something needs to be there.

What empty space to the right? I have to use my horizontal scroll bar to view the entire page.
Yeah, there's no empty space to the right for me, either.

The one thing I'd change is the "Today's Messages." Instead of wiping them at the end of the day, if it could be programmed to be the messages of whatever the last 24 hours are.
It has to do with screen size. In 800x600 I have to scroll too and the empty space is just a narrow green line, while in 1024x769 which I normally use, there is a space. I never noticed it before now though.

I belive that the page is designed so that people with 800x600 screens always can see one menu and the whole center area. Just try it and see.
1. The open space doesn't bother me.

2. I agree with Shaya Puma.

3. How did D-rob mamage to have 0 posts?
welcome to PT Findarato!!!! share and enjoy Jumping Flame Smilie
1. The open space doesn't bother me.

2. I agree with Shaya Puma.

3. How did D-rob mamage to have 0 posts?

1.and 2. Ditto
3. I have no idea, it did say 1 post first then it went away.
Post it twice then delete it without ever going to the page it is on, although it corrects itself on the next post. It's not that hard, I do it every time I join a site!!!
Thanks, in 800x600 it is normal. I know who D-Rob is, unless someone besides D-Rob got clever and stole it, though I didn't know he joined this site. He's is also a genius, but only with comupters, and he has no common sense.
Ouch!!! NO COMMON SENSE!!!! Looks like our new member has no idea what everyone is like on this site!!! NO ONE HAS ANY COMMON SENSE!!! Sometimes we pretend to, but well... it doesn't always work.

Oh, and watch out for Vee, you newbies, you.
I must admit, I'd never notice the green line until now. That's familiarity for you. When I moved into a house once, I replaced the skirting boards and started artexing a ceiling. I never got either job finished, and ten years later I never noticed what was missing.
NO COMMON SENSE, HE SAYS!!!! HA, HA, HA, HA... I think that is extremely funny and humorous. (Chuckles to self...)
D-Rob dares to mess with me? With ME? Defend yourself!!! (Attempts to create a fireball and fails horribly because of his race)
I got a new 17" LCD montitor today as a gift from my parents. I can now see the empty green space. It doesn't bother me, though. Very Big Grin Smilie
Pft, that empty space is constantly filled up with google-ads anyway. I'm looking at Liv Tyler right now! Teehee! I'm really thinking of buying Arwen's pendant now. Gtg!
omg really Virumor? What happened to you!
I just think it would look good on me.
Yes it is most definitly your style, Vir! Buy two, just in case you, Eru forbid, would loose or break it.
Buy two, just in case you, Eru forbid, would loose or break it.
Or ride a warg over a cliff into a fast flowing river. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

That said, this thread has turned in a chat session. Please let us get back to what the thread is supposed to be all about. Moderator Smilie
Look out! here comes Grondy to lay down the law.

and on a side note, i think the site layout is fine, but definitly different compared to most forums.
When I said "Layout" I mean stuff like more variations in color instead of these monotone ones. The greens are all right but it's not really attractive, but I must admit that it is better than a lot of forums I've been in.
The colors are relaxing to my old eyes: I hate it when I have to compose text in a bright white box or read text with not enough contrast with its background color. These colors evolved over time to be pretty darn good ones; and IMHO, most people come here for the text rather than some snappy eye-catching graphics. Happy Elf Smilie
You still don't get it. I LIKE these colors but they COULD be more attractive. I don't really care too much but I think that more people would join this site if it was more attractive, not that I don't like this setup!!!! (Takes several deep breaths) Sorry I blew up. I was getting angry.
I have a suggestion: whom must I kill to get more people to use Invision? Granted I've only been online since October '04 (you don't want to know how I remember that, and besides, I can't tell you ;-p) but I'm a little spoiled by the first interface I encountered, and dismayed that seemingly only one site uses it. For sheer functionality I've yet to see anything as good, let alone better. I can give you lots of reasons why if you want (or you can just join a site using it and hit "Member Contols" to cover most of it,) but there's so many it's easier to just say, "PLEEEEEEEASE!!!"