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Thread: buying house and upgrading?

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would it be possible to say, buy a house for 200 mithril, upgrade to extravagant room for 300 mithril more and keep going up like that? and also a chart showing who has held the most mithril at any time and another for current mithril?

i don't know if it'd be any good but I think it'd be great
just curious to know, what would be the point of owning a house?
so you can show how much you can own, maybe the bigger your house the less you have to pay for messages anyway - just a kind of random idea i thought when i was poking through the rest
I find when posting random messages that eveyone seems to like them. The house idea might be a bit too random, though...
I find when posting random messages that eveyone seems to like them.
Moderator Smilie Findarato: Please post your random messages in the Taverns or in our chat room so as not to clutter up our discussions. Thank you.

I don't mean to keep you from posting topical messages, it was the words "random messages" that caused me write the above. New threads (topics) are always appreciated when they are posted in the right section.

Findarato's house idea has merit; what do the rest of you think?
I didn't mean it like that. Aragorn_ir just said that it was sort of a random idea. Personally, I like it. By the way, it wasn't my idea.