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I suggest changing the name of the link "Messages" to "Inbox". I know when I joined I was a little confused. It's a small change. Tell me what you think.
Hm...that's a smart idea! The term messages does get confusing a lot. Inbox is a better name. Smart thinking! Big Smile Smilie
I don't know. WHen I joined I didn't even know what an inbox is. I saw 'messages' and went into it. Ah, where people message you! I thought. It helped. But perhaps we ought to chaange it. Most people aren't so tehcnology-challenged as I was. Then I took Computers as a subject. Ah, so THAT'S what an inbox is....
Well, as this is a Middle-earth based Tolkien fansite I would think something like Letter Box is more appropriate than in-box but I am quite happy with Messages. Bilbo proobably wouldn't know what an in-box was.
True that, Vee. Letter box might be just as confusing as messages though. Nah, forget I said it. And Loni, you think I start weird threads, so I'm not going to listen to what you have to say (just kidding).
Perhaps "Message Box" would be the best.
Who cares what it says as long as it gets you to the same place...and it is only confusing until you find it once, so it doesn't matter. Big Laugh Smilie Does this really need its own thread?

Anyway, Vee's right, Bilbo would think that an Inbox was a form of transportation...
message box??? great idea!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I think this thread is a waste of time and ought to be deleted, but that's only my personal opinion which doesn't cut much ice. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I Need I say more?
hahahhahaha well, i think that everyone who has an email, can get the idea that inbox and messages can be the same. So i think it is no use to change the name... BUT!! since we are on Tolkien related site, we could use a fancy name. how about Mail-box? or like they said before letter-box Teacher Smilie Moderator Smilie