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Miruvor posted in another thread...

Why delete any posts in this thread ? They're at least interesting. I suggest you delete some posts in "who's next?" instead, before that thread starts getting popular again...

It has been discussed on many occasions and one reason for not deleting them is that it would screw up members' post numbers.

However, my own opinion is that many of the general chat threads are waaaay too long now. This site is a Tokien site with discussions and resources and anything else is just fodder as far as managability is concerned. If those threads are too long and unwieldy then they can be 'culled' without harm to the site. Yes, people's post numbers will change but that is a small price for a tidier more manageable site. They are not Tolkien related, they have had their day, no one ever reads back and they are repetitive, if at times funny. They do serve a purpose and I am in no way suggesting that the threads be stopped but I would be happy for them to be thinned out.

That is my view and I don't yet know the views of other Council Members but if we discuss it my vote would be to thin the threads unless there is a valid reason not to (apart from post numbers).

Any comments?
Yeah: I think my total post number is about to go way down, but whose fault is that? The part of me that likes free and open discourse is dismayed, but it IS a Tolkien site after all, and a little imposed discipline might prompt some additional self imposed discipline on tangential folks like me. Sigh, guess it's back to double digits....
It certainly could be an incentive for members to post more in the Tolkien threads. And does it really matter how many posts one has? Quality, not quantity should be the important thing. If the Council does decide to thin some threads perhaps a mention in the FAQ would be in order... "Posts made in non-Tolkien discussion threads may be subject to deletion due to space/resources/manageability...."
It has been discussed on many occasions and one reason for not deleting them is that it would screw up members' post numbers.

Really now, who cares ? I lost all my posts as Virumor, and i survived it. And what's the merit of any tavern posts, anyway ? Ppl only post there to increase a stupid number, hence i suggest removing the number of posts as well, to discourage ppl from post to post.
I don't think people post in the taverns merely to increase their post number. The taverns provide an easy chatting group of forums for people. It keeps traffic through the site during barren times and helps members to become familiar with others. Having said that, it would be no great loss to lose a few of the earlier posts.

As far as I know steps are still being taken to retrieve your posts and any others that were lost.

Which reminds me this coming week we're working on bringing virumor and loni back from the dead! do you want to become your old self again?
Morambar, Vee has a very vaild point - there are no free speach issues at hand so taking a more respectful tone when replying to her would be desirable if not required!

Vee do we need to lock some of the mega threads again - i'm thinking of things like finish the sentance fool and the re-letter game?
it would be no great loss to lose a few of the earlier posts.

small price for a tidier more manageable site

It is evident you want a more manageable site, but would losing a few of the earlier posts really make it a more manageable site. I really don't know what kind of management you do to this site. I do manage a website for my church but it is definitely not nearely as extensive.
Let's say you do delete some of the earlier posts...Would that really make it more manageable? What management does an old post need? It would definitly be a little bit tidier.

I am just trying to weigh the pros and cons.
If you want less to manage, I think you would have to cut back on threads not just posts. I do enjoy the tavern threads, but I can see how they don't relate to the site. The taverns are for enjoyment aren't they?
I suggest deleting the old old threads that are at the bottom of the lists. The ones no one has replied to for years. Delete those. Most the people who posted in them are gone and only had a few posts anyways.

(This is my opinion. If I am way off base you can just neglect my statement.)
Grep, I don't think Morambar was being disrespectful about my views but I do think that we should respect the taverns for what they are - chat and fun (mostly) and accept that the taverns are here for the very purpose of posting non-Tolkien general chit chat, conversations etc.

I do not have a problem with the taverns or the type of posts in them it is just that there are so many of them and many tavern threads have hundred of pages. I would not advocate deleting posts from a discussion thread.

As for site management I have no idea if it would make it easier but I feel it would make navigating the threads more efficient without three hundred pages staring at you. I don't think locking current threads would help.