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How about you guys take my name off that bit of fan fiction that I didn't write? That'd be kinda nice, seeing as the 2 bits I did write (which were damn funny) got taken down in the family friendly frenzy, and the not really very funny bit that I edited for Tombombadillo (no offence Tommy) is sat there under my name, and is rather demoralising to see at this point.
Btw, hi peeps, hows it going over here? Sorry to reappear in a blaze of grumpy old gitness, but there you go.
Hi Squirrel, you grumpy old git Waving Hello Smilie As always it's really nice to see you around, even when you are moaning. I'll flag it up with Grep for you. We can't have you blamed for something you didn't do. While we're at it, would you like to park your name against any of the other stories?
Nope, that's the only one there I had anything to do with (and to be fair it's got nearly as much filthy language as the ones you guys took down). Thanks me dear old mate. How goes it over here anyhow?
Squirrel? Val? Glad to see some old faces!

And you, too, Allyssa. It's been a long time. How are you doing? Are you back for good now?

Hey, everyone who's only been here for the last year and a half... Meet Allyssa, our missing Council Member....

Do you recognise any changes around here, Allyssa?
Well met, Allyssa! Hope to see you around...
Welcome back, Allyssa.
Hi Allyssa, welcome back and I hope you can stay a while this time. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks guys. I can't believe how much this place has changed. It used to be! Although I am delighted to see that my account is still active! Thanks guys!
Hey Grep, thanks for also adding the page number links at the top of each multi-paged thread page; that really reduces my forum navigating time.