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I dont know if there has been a thread for this yet but i wondering if there could be a page for us to have our details all on one page like our real names, age, location, gender, oh and their middle-earth location. this could be incorporated with the members list, click on their name and you can see thier profile. I hope dat this is a good idea and i hope that ppl could tell me wot they think and a council members views on this
It's on the list, we'll be moving to new fourm software in the early part of next year (i'm not fixed on a date yet) which will have this functionality included along with a host of others but it's going to take a lot of time to get the database sorted out. If there are any good DBA's out there who would like to lend a hand I very much need the help, at the moment i'm fully engaged in dragging the site kicking and screaming into the world of xHTML and cleaning up the old dreamweavered to death code.

I should add that i've created a kind of mini-profile at the top of each post which goes some way towards this feature.
can we get signatuers? well, mayb not sig.s but what about some little thing that is random and appears on every post we make. like a ranking! or something....
I'm not sure about sigs - but i'll have a think about it!

Any other suggestions?
A search-function would come in handy.
I echo Miruvor.

Grep, I am not a DBA, but I can help you with testing the site. You won't have to test it on this live site that way...

About the signatures... I have seen a lot of other forums looking really bad due to peoples' signatures. I don't really like them. People put up some idiotic, big and ugly signatures..
I agree on the signatures, and i'm working on some sort of search functionality. The problem is the database won't be copied. I've tried and i've had smarter coders than me try to get a local copy of it working but there's a layer of code in the site that just acts up. I know roughly what it does but can't figure out the spesifics of it and Taz hasn't been very helpful on this front so I basicly have to rebulid the site from scratch.
i dnt really like sigs they take too much space and im glad that u like the idea although it was already in here! i do like the idea of ratings though i dnt know what they would be for for but ok!
When we had signatures in the past on our pre 2004 Forum, we only allowed three lines of plain text (bold, italics, and underlined okay) with no html, url, smilies, or images; nor blank lines in between the allowable text lines, We were always having to email/PM people to get into compliance or quit. If I ran the zoo, I'd limit the signature to one line if even that. Bad! Smilie
Oh yes, CoE has got signatures and they look okay, only some people put too many pictures in it. I don't like or hate signatures, I only think they are unnecessary. We already have our Avatars, don't we?
I agree with you , Happy Elf Smilie and the AVATARS looks so nice also
they do indeed, most happy on that score - yet only 10 new people have added avatars and hardly anyone has changed their race. I thought these would be popular things?
I would be happy to change my race, as soon as "wizard" appears in a form I can use.
We've been talking in Council about making istari rather than wizzards, and also having Valar, Kings, Dark Queens, He Who Must Not Be Named but them being vastly more expensive than a normal change, like say 2500 mithril, otherwise everyone would be one [checks the DB] you'd be able to afford it!
ok....sigs a bad idea, i admit.
Hey I changed my location! I'm from Beleriand now! Yay! Currently living in Nargothrond, to be exact.
Excellent, i'm Glad to see people moving!
Woo hoo! I get to be from Mirkwood, which is where I have always wanted to be from.
Excellent! i'm very much enjoying being an Ent!
Hey . Im now an EAGLE from the mountain , nice ?Thanks GREP for letting us change Big Smile Smilie
Hehe, I liked the eagles alternative too. Smile Smilie It is either that or move to Grey Havens if I decide to move at all.
Ama, you've got more Mithril than anyone else on the site apart from me (having access to the db i have an unlimited supply). You can afford to move anywhere and keep moving almost every day for a year and you'd still have loads of mithril left!
Hey I earned that mithrill! It came to me!

I like Rivendell, it suits me and my real home you see. But the eagles are tempting.
i like the idea of the Spider id never think of that. i havnt seen any Nazgul anywhere, people must be too good round these parts! My second choice would be to go The grey Haven s and then an Eagle!
I love my place Lothlorien it goes with my name: Lothlorien's Lossehelin!
Vee's decided to become a Nazgul, actually i was thinking of her when i created it!
Aaw well how kind of you to think of her that way Greppy haha, i know dat people have been asking this but are you going to put in the Istari race because i have been telling ppeople about PT and they asked me if they could be Wizards or the Istari. Just a query not anything urgent haha
Oh definitely but i think it's going to cost more mithril to become an istari; basicly i think i'll have a small selection of races you can register as and then you'll need to save up to become somthing better or move to a better location. What do you think?
Bingo! Make use of that Mithril feature! Exactly what I had in mind. And oh, stop giving it away on a platter everyday! Make people earn it!

Anyway, Nazgul? Did you say Nazgul? I gotta be one!

/me loves the Witch-King of Angmar!!

Vee's decided to become a Nazgul, actually i was thinking of her when i created it!

Splutter!!!!! Must be the way I drain people's will to live....

Dang, I am predictable.

BTW, love the search feature. Everyone should try it and report back on whether they like it or not.
I searched for a search feature, but didn't find one.
Miruvor, it's right there on the homepage. I guess you never visit the homepage though? (Like me! Good thing it drops me to the homepage when I logout!)

Google search for PT. The only thing with not having a custom search here is that it searches the database for text inside the threads and not the thread titles only. I mean, I'd like to have both the options available... to search only thread titles and/or the content also. But I guess that'll take some coding... though to be honest, just quering the database a little shouldn't be very difficult to implement(?) No stress though.. its actually good to see the owner working hard (I'm only assuming that Tongue Smilie ) on the site. This basic search function will do for the present, thank you!
Oh, that thing. Got it. Thought it consisted of an in-forum search function instead.
to search only thread titles and/or the content also.
It will come in the new forum (yey!), Google will have to do for now.

It will come in the new forum (yey!), Google will have to do for now.

I hope that new forum isn't based on phpBB or invision... I've got sick of watching those all over the internet!
no no Lussmo Vanilla
itz kinda drifting from the topic. just wondering Grep, is there going to be a profile for members section to PT to show who people are.

as our happy family has grown alot, i think that we should kinda get to know people better as in their real name and where the are from and a little bit about themselves, then we would be a more tight knit community if we knew at least one or two things about the people that we do not know that much about. This could be accessed through the members list or something (if it'spossible) i think that it would help us become a more efficient community Orc Grinning Smilie what do you think Grep
ya! then i could stalk Gildor-inglorion cuz i have a gay crush on him!! sweeeet!
Moderator Smilie The use of nicknames is to provide our members, especially our younger members with anonymity so perverts can't get to them. Police Smilie For the same reason people should never give out their telephone numbers or their home addresses in any forum. We can't guarantee who anyone is, or who they say they are, nor can you. Moderator Smilie
aaah i never thought of that sorry, that makes alot of sense. Elk Grinning Smilie
I just became a Nazgul so Vee can't have such drastic power over me. Being a man and trying to stand up to Vee was rough work!
no no Lussmo Vanilla

Ok good. Something that I haven't heard of before... It'll be good to look at I guess.

D-Rob, welcome to the club.
My two cents: Avatars are great, but I don't really want one. Well, I might, if I was a good enough artist to design one "that truly reflected [my] mood." I LIKE sigs, because they can be completely personalized; I see no reason to allow pictures in them (that's what AVATARS are for, right?) and I think if it was limited to one or two lines (I prefer the latter Grondy, but that's just me.) It seems like it wouldn't get out of hand. Provided the site was set up such that two lines isn't just a requested suggestion, but a hard and fast rule. wotmania has a 255 character limit (html doesn't count, but proscribing it seems wise to me.) You'd be surprised how fast you hit that limit; I have two lines, plus a link, and I had to do some creative editing just to fit that. Two lines seems a nice compromise, but I could live with one if I had to do so. For those of us who are elliterate and on dialup though a graphic Avatar is just more trouble than it's worth.

And I happen to LIKE Invision -- a LOT! I'm only on one forum that uses it, and I constantly miss being able to click my name (or anyone elses) and go straight to a list of their posts/threads. And having subforums that bump the most recent posts in them to the top, rather than just the most recent ones on the forum. I'm sure everyone remembers occasions when new members or those that have been gone awhile showed up and ran through all the old threads; net result, a list of hot topics from one or two threads and you can look around for others. Admittedly this is less of a problem now you can just get a list of the hot topics in the main screen, but still. Just don't use wotmanias interface; I love 'em to death, but having to click on every... single... post... to read them all is murder when you're in the dialup stone age.

Oh, and is there a way to run the buttons for page numbers across the top of the page instead of the bottom? I have to wait for the whole first page of a thread to load now before I can skip the posts from "1970" I've read a dozen times and go to the last page with the new ones. That's merely an annoying inconvenience though; what I really miss is being able to stal-- er, click on people I know are cool and smart and find all their recent contributions without having to search the whole board. ;-p Stalking myself is a great time saver for finding the threads in which I'm active, and that gives me lots more time to find new ones to spam. ;-p

Really, I'm surprised and disappointed in you, Grep. Why aren't you perfect?!!! (A winking raspberry smiley would be good, too, someday; I need one about a dozen times a day.)

Edit: OK, I hit the home page and my profile: I still don't see a search button; am I just blind? I don't see Gondolin either, so I guess I'll stay in Lothlorien hording my Precious Mithril Pieces. It's not a bad place at all, though the next blonde Sindar I see gets a clothyard shaft through his temples. ;-p
No Gondolin to choose from. Maybe it is.... hidden?

Search? It is a white link among the other white links under the nice banner at the top of the page.

I think if it was limited to one or two lines (I prefer the latter Grondy, but that's just me.) It seems like it wouldn't get out of hand.

Hehe, it always gets out of hand in one way or another. "No smileys in signature? Hey, I have an idea! I'll put a smiley in my signature!" Wink Smilie
We used to have two line signatures. I miss them, even if they did create extra work.
(*whispers* I want them back and I have a cunning plan! Well... maybe not so cunning but I don't give up too easily, so we can hope.)
Two lines were nice with no blank lines in between. Our rule also said 'only our bold, italic, and underlined text was allowed for signatures, no html or urls'; and the next person added a multi-colored signature in addition to a url. Give 'em an inch ... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
hey .. i know this may sound wierd .. but can someone help make an avatar for me. i have absolutely no time and neither do i have the artistic touch. and speaking of smileys .. where do you people get to know the shortcuts ?? i know only three smileys .. Smile Smilie Sad Smilie and Wink Smilie. i would dearly like to use a lot more .. especially the ones the (hated) council members use (grrrr !!).

and Vee .. you don't scare me !! hah !! get as many of your Nazgul friends as you like .. i trust in the strength of Nargothrond and the Mormegil. btw .. isnt there anybody called Mormegil or Turin in PT ?? i wonder !

see ya. and lemme know about the smilies !
I would show you the link but i dont know it, theres a thread i made asking for the words to get them, go to Website Help then to Smilies!!!!!

Thank you Grep for sorting my problem out!!!!!
Thanks, Elessar, I've been needing that one, too. If I bookmark it through here I'll actually no what it is instead of having it marked as the always informative "Netscape Search" (I have lots of those.)

Search: Well, this is the complete list of the white tabs I have at the top of the home page and all others: Home, Forum, Gallery, Fan Fiction, Contact Us, J.R.R. Tolkien, My Account. That's it. No search. Not sure what the deal is.

Sigs: Is there no way to set a character limit and/or disable html? If not, yeah, I can see the dilemma. Good luck, Amarie; I'm pulling for you. Wink Smilie

Invision: So nobody likes it but me, huh? Fine; phooey on ya'll. ;-p
Invision is good but from the coders view... I don't like it.

I think a need a new avatar because as a Nazgul, I shouldn't look like a man in the rain.

I think I know where to get just the thing...
Search: Well, this is the complete list of the white tabs I have at the top of the home page and all others: Home, Forum, Gallery, Fan Fiction, Contact Us, J.R.R. Tolkien, My Account. That's it. No search.

After "My Account" there should be "Movie Reviews", "Help / Faq", and "Search". I even have an "Admin" link up there before "Movie Reviews". It may be only Council Members can see anything after "My Account".

Is Morambar's problem an anomaly, or are there other non-council members who can't see the "Search" link at the end of the list of links just below our banner at the top of the page Question Smilie
Right now I'm actually more interested in the ad I just saw at the bottom:
Great deals on Galadriel. Find what you want today

So, lemme see if I understand: I can BUY Galadriel at a low low price? Is there a volume discount, say, if I want Idril Celebrindal, too? ;-p

Oh, yeah, and I can understand why programmers might not like a platform because of code, especially one with the functionality of Invision; it must be a nightmare to keep straight. But I thought ya'll LIKED that kind of stuff? Oh, well. I guess I won't demand my money back. ;-p

As to search, while I don't have a button, I DID stumble across the link in Eruwens Psych thread, so I'm good, and others should be able to use that, too, at least until there's a button for everyone. Assuming I actually did something write with html, here's the link to the smiley page:

And here's the search link (thank you, Amarie: )
Search PT

Note that link was provided (as I'm sure Grondy recalls) by Amarie: another CM. It's a plot, I'm telling you! ;-p
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