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i cant find the number of people online, i think itz good to see how many people are online, so that you know that your not all on your lonesome! has it been disabled?
it'll be back soon!
im always on at 5 ish Pacific time and nooones on! o well...30 people are usually on but i dont think they ever log off....
I'm usually here sometime between 2 and 6 PM Pacific, but I kinda dislike it when people use the forum for chat. It is fine when they are actually discussing a topic, but back and forth conversation in the taverns doesn't add much IMHO. Of course it can make the RPGs run a bit faster. I just don't like fourm tag. The PMs are better for that as long as we delete the old messages after a while. I try to keep fewer than 5 old PMs in my list. Of course only two people can trade PMs, so chat works best for multiparty conversations.

But, I may have missed the point of this topic, in which case I appologise.