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Sorry about the ever changing colors here, just trying out a few things! Any votes on colors to try?
I vote for pink and yellow.

Those won't cause any epileptic attacks.
Are you sure???? pink can be very mindboggling to the male mind on a bad day hehe! oh well.

i would personally vote for black (uv done already) also as tolkien has used alot of grey and silver in his books eg
all turns to silver glass

and the grey ships sailing into the west to the Grey Havens. my personal favourites maybe they could be the colours for the places where you read the posts instead of light green and darkish green they could be grey then silver! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Orc Going Huh Smilie
I think the site's lovely the way it is now. I strongly vote against Miruvor's pink and yellow combo (sorry Mir, but it's the whole site we're talking about! Paranoid Smilie ) *shudders*
Arrg, it's a foucus thing, somhow i need to menu bar to be stronger so i can alter the user focus in the pages for the fourm and secondary navigation. Hmm i'm too stressed at the moment to be designing stuff! I'll give it a couple of days and see how i feel or work on some other aspect of the site. But if anyone has any ideas not featuring pink Wink Smilie at their centre get in touch!
i no how about grey then silver in the forum pages come on it makes sense Tolkien loves those colours he used them all the time!!!! come on come ooooooon (in a whiny way lol)
Hmmm... I need more convincing!
okay u want more persuading huh??? COME ON THEY ARE GOOD COLOURS!!!!!!!! COME OOOOOOOOON HOW ABOUT A VOTE, I VOTE FOR gREY AND THEN SILVER FOR THE FORUM PAGES (soz caps lock) instead of green, have grey then silver or dark grey , keep the background as i said that great but i need to see grey and dark grey or silver come onnnnnnnnnn WHOZ WITH ME??
I was thinking more along the lines or logical reasoned arguement?!
hmm valid point Grep, now let me think........... okay here goes...

as many people will agree the green shades for the boxes have been a classic for a long time and many people appreciate the choice and direction chosen for the colours, they do depict the vastness of the world of Tolkien, the green forests of Fangorn (your blessed home) to the glorious land of the Shire, a decision well made.

So with the new design of the site from the change of the background and the majority of the green has dissapeared, there has been quite alot of changes along with the set out and the way that you can access different things for example the search engine, very helpful. These changes have all been made by only a few people, which has been good, but in my oppinion as there has been so many changes, the colours should change with it, hence my own idea of the silver and grey, or even dark grey.

Tolkien in my oppinion spent alot of time meditating over the race of Istari and the elves, after all he based two of the characters on himself and his wife, so here he used with his ideas the colours for them in the indepth detail of the two races, for example, the elves used grey and dark grey in their clothing, they even gave the hobbits grey clothing,
they were clad in grey
he used the grey to describe the elves as clever with their choice to become nearly invisible by wearing those colours. the Istari mainly Gandalf is described as silver in some of Tolkien's wording 'like a flash of silver' and shadowfax his horse was described as silver and that became a dominating colour in Gandalf's sayings like and
all turns to silver glass

These are the reasons why i think that the forum pages should be dark grey or silver or both together. It's like moving from the shire to another aspect of Middle Earth, the magic of the races that were created.

(hope thats enough persuasion, i trust your decision!)

Don't hold your breath Loss’. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I think silver were it possible, would reflect too much ambient light back into the eyes of the beholder, making it hard to read any text that was there.
I think green is the best. And they say it calms our eyes.
Green is calming, that is true. But we should perhaps get a colour which fits better with the warm colours of the sunrise picture.

I don't want a grey website. The elves loves silver because they love the moon and the silver moon light. I am human (sadly), and I need daylight and some colour. But I am not so sure I agree with Virumor on what kind of colours. Wink Smilie
I think some dark green (viridian) background for our posts would be a nice sight.
oh okay then just a suggestion hehe
Posted Friday 16th December 2005 (08:22am)

I am human (sadly)

No you're not...
I saw your picture, you're an elf alright...
i am sorry, as you can see she is not even an elf she is an Eagle from the Mountains, so she is a bird, a magnificent one at that
Well, Elessar, ye don't know yet which picture Asteroth is talking about. And its not her avatar. Though Amarie sings like a bird, she ain't a bird and definitely not a raven at that!
aaaah okay i thought that it was a abit pear shaped, would you care to tell me?

(and i completely agree with you she does sing like a bird)
Ok, ok. My cover is blown. I'm half-elven. ( Wink Smilie ) Aster must be talking about this picture

(and i completely agree with you she does sing like a bird)

AHA! So it was YOU who peeked through the window at the Council Members' Christmas Karaoke Party!
Naughty naughty!
What? CMs get to party?? And karaoke?? might be worth bribing you guys for it after all...
You haven't heard Grep sing...
(j/k boss Wink Smilie )
What? CMs get to party?? And karaoke??

Have you seen Coyote Ugly? Something in that style.
Nice pink flowers on the image, Grep. But atleast write the correct spelling of "Wishes".
Hey I'd really love to hear Grep sing. Did any of you CMs manage to hide a tape recorder in your handbags?
I doubt very much if the male CM's have handbags hehe
Nice pink flowers on the image, Grep. But at least write the correct spelling of "Wishes".

Whoops! I've fixed the spelling, umm not sure about your eyesight there but they're fireworks!
Yes those posies temporarily on the banner aren't daisys or pinks, they are a snapshot of fireworks just blossoming out; though I did have to remember what day was coming up in another 1.5 hours in order to adjust my eyes and mouth to say, "Oooooh!!" and "Awww!!!". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Thanks for the sentiment Grep.
Had to go and check after reading this to see what had happened.... Zero points for Val's observation skills these days. I didn't even notice the Christmas tree had changed to fireworks. Oh well, it was a heavy night last night and my head's still a bit fuzzy.