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Forgive me if there is another topic for this.

I just noticed that the avatar file size you are allowed to upload is VERY small. Is it not possible that you could increase the size to 70 00 or 80 000. Otherwise you don't have enough size for animated avatars.
Hmmm... that has been a question, but from what I've been reading in the history of this site, I think we're lucky to have avatars at all. It used to be only a privilege for those who were community supporters, correct?

But still, I'm sure someone will give you a response to this request of yours. In fact, I'm a bit surprised no CM has said anything on this subject at all.
I think I know why.
(some of us have been away and missed out on a lot of stuff, you see)

Indeed avatars were limited to community supportert only, but when Ant took over he wanted them to be avilable to all. The size is fine, I see no reason to change them. We have some animated avatars already, I myself have made two. The last time we talked about animated avatars and D-rob showed of his owl, D-rob or Finderato (I think) mentioned a site which helped resize animated gif files. Maybe if you do a search, LOA, you will find that thread? I have to run again, I was just passing by and stumbled upon this thread at all. Smile Smilie
8KB is VERY small. I notice how grep's avatar is far more than 8kb, so I assume for CT members its a different size allowed.

Take this avatar for example:

I agree, the size of the avatars is fine. "When it ain't broken, don't fix it."
so I assume for CT members its a different size allowed.

Well, you are very wrong there. Grep is the owner, he spends a lot of time and money to run this site. He can have as big an .gif file as he wants. Everybody else have the same limits. You must make the .gif the right size or find something else to use, just like the rest of us.

(The one with the animated owl changed his name to LostAndAlone. That should help you in your search I believe. Serching Smilie )
Thats fine. I was just commenting that it doesn't really allow for animated avatars. Still I am not going to make any fuss.
That was nicely settled, wasn't it? And besides, I personally think that all the avatars here look becoming beside their respectable names.
I've been thinking for a long time now, and I've thought of something. Why can't we host a picture elsewhere and link to it? I have my own website and therefore have available space (quite a lot actually) where I could host some images and then we link to them. Of course, they would have to abide by all PT rules except disk size, which should limited to about 18kb I think. This way I could have an avatar that is good quality (not amazing, and 18kb still renders quickly), and abides by all PT rules. What does everyone else think?
Why can't we host a picture elsewhere and link to it?

We can't because Taz didn't program it that way. But from what I can see now, we'll be able to do that on the new PT. And I am sure all will still have the option of saving the image on the PT server, if they want to.

When will that glorious new forum come? I haven't got the foggiest idea. If anyone has some spare time, please zip it in a winzip file and e-mail it to Grep. In the mean time, we all have to do the best we can with what we have.
wait, we are all wishing for a new forum??? i like the one we have now Orc Going Huh Smilie Elf Confused Smilie

The avatar system is fine, theres no need to change it, but what you are meaning D-Rob, is that we have to click on a link so that we can see everyones picture??? i dont see how that makes anything more effecient???
Nono, no links. D-rob wants to be able to store the avatar on his own server, or on photobucket or something like that, so that he can have, for example, a more fancy animated avatar. (same pixel size, but bigger file size). I'm not saying for sure that it will be so in the future, but it *might*. Hopefully it can be limited. *fears annoying, flashy animations*

I too love the current forum, but there are things behind the scenes which we in the council would love to have and many things members here have wished for, which the boss can't give as the forum is now. We were all pretty anxious when we first moved from oldPT to this forum, but when we got here, we saw it was indeed better than what we had.

So far, the new forum is mostly a long wish list from us and a sketch in Grep's head, so you won't have to pack your bags just yet. Wink Smilie
oh i see, although i really hope that the set out of the site wont change, i love the layout, so easy to access, i hope that it wont go to the common style like Tol Eressea, i find that set out so confusing, this one is so simple. Im quite content with the way that we do have the avatars
Hehehe, Grep would neither dream nor dare to make PT that simple. He is a web designer after all, it wouldn't look good on his resum’. Wink Smilie Also, the whole Council will be very involved in the prosess, and we know PT very well; what works, what doesn't work, requests and what-ifs... So don't worry. Be happy! Orc Smiling Smilie
im slightly confused Ama, i said that i like the layout of this site (PT) as its so simple and easy to access, then you put;

Hehehe, Grep would neither dream nor dare to make PT that simple

so you are planning to not make it as simple as it is now??? its probably a very simple answer but im slightly in the dark.

But do not despair, i am happy!!!
I think the word she was looking for was actually "plain", not necessarily simple. Things can be simple and still look good. Catch the drift?

As far as flashy, annoying avatars, if it were to be limited to 18kb, there still isn't much room for that.
So Grep would neither dream nor dare to make PT that 'plain'??? It is exactly the same just a different word that has the same definition, im still slighty Orc Going Huh Smilie
Hehe, I suppose I wasn't too clear. I tried to say that Grep wouldn't give PT a common style like Tol Eressea has. It will be simple and easy to use, but it won't look simple/plain/boring/common.
Orc Smiling Smilie
oh good, *phew* thats a load off my chest. You got me all panicky, but yay i finally understand Orc Smiling Smilie
I would still visit PT even if it looked like any random invisionfree forum. I never judge a book by its cover. It's the contents that matters, not the form.
Although you make good use of the saying, i have in the past been on (not registered only browsed) some forums that use the 'invisionfree' format, and i didnt get on with them. This is the only forum ill ever be a member of
maybe the size is fine but maybe they should have a list of avatars you couold use already. Finding or making one is a real pain.