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No offense but i find the new poll lets me down, for one reason but for that one reason only. MORGOTH/MELKOR!!!! THE FREAKING GOD EVIL AND ALL THAT'S WRONG!!!.... I mean common!!!! He make's Sauron look like a pussy cat!
It's about LOTR. Morgoth did not appear in LOTR.

Also, fix that post. No need for all that empty space.
Great, another Morgoth/Melkor aficionado. Just what we were waiting for.

Also, fix that post. No need for all that empty space.

You know you could always make suggestions concerning the polls to the CMs? In fact, if you are dissatisfied with the current polls, you can always make up your own and submit it. I'm quite sure they'll take it gladly, since it'll save them the work of making up polls (and I can tell you, polls aren't as easy to make as it looks).
I You are soooo right Angel Smilie Cloveress. I Love You Smilie Thanks!!!

Now for anyone with really bright ideas for new poll suggestions; add them to the bottom of Poll Suggestions. Deal Smilie

Moderator Smilie I will be locking this thread: You can make your future comments about the existing and new polls under General Discussion, where each of our new and recent polls has a thread of its own and whose title starts with "Poll:". Thanks.

And in conclusion, please don't suggest any polls, where most of the choices are multiples of Morgoth. That has already been rejected at least twice, and the third time won't make us charmed with you, it will only prove to our membership that even nitwits are allowed participation in our forum. No offence intended here, unless the shoe fits.Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Moderator Smilie
The current poll is again getting stale. Anybody with any good ideas, please use the poll suggestions link in my above post. - Thanks