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The council could add one more location Aman i would prefer or one such as it and every month they would choose one who they believe is worthy and willing to move there....
How about that?
Aman? Why not a trip in vingilot?
how about a trip to Aman in Vingilot?
The idea is probably okay, but couldn't it possibly lead to the formation of a clique, which is usually detrimental to those left out? As I remember, my nose was always bent out of shape because I wasn't included within that group of stuck-up people who may have looked down at me if they saw me at all.

I think our Post of the Week (or of the Whenever) is supposed to provide the individual with some glory. And instead of putting down those that haven't had one of theirs chosen, it is to provide them a bit of initiative to try to post better posts from the example.

Can I suggest this:

It would be great if the CMs updated the Council News in "My Account" as I think it probably has got quite old considering that the last news is dated 2006. Is this possible?
Anything is possible, though highly improbable: First we need something to say, and then we need the time to add it. I have been lately spending about three hours daily just supporting the forum. Maybe when they start making 'The Hobbit Movie'. Happy Elf Smilie
I have been lately spending about three hours daily just supporting the forum.

Oh dear... we need to reward you whit something... got anything you like? Big Smile Smilie
I agree with Grondy. If grondy wasn't here I'd be playing most of the games alone! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Oh and by the way Grondy Amarie has indeed updated the news board. Thanks Ama Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
So they have... Good eye Thorin, I should have noticed it before, one usually notices their name out of a group of random words...

Once we have something to say, we'll let you know Orc Smiling Smilie