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Why cant i move to edoras or other places whitout chancing my race?
I dont think it would be overpowering for to you moderators to make two seperate glide-down menus for a race and a location or would it?
it actually would be overpowering for the moderators to do what you mentioned, because they don't actually have the power to do that. Wink Smilie
Your point slips my mind Big Smile Smilie
In from the one ear and out of the other one Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Well I suppose it would be something to spend our mithrill on. But the Boss is very busy and he has many things he has to take care of first. And first when that is done, can we see what may be possible in the future. Though I haven't really missed seeing eagles from Moria and that sort of thing. Wink Smilie

Being an elf from the Grey Havens, doesn't mean you actually have to live there. Arwen moved to Gondor, but you would still say she was from Rivendell, wouldn't you? Even if you imagine yourself being an elf living in Edoras, your parents/ancestors would most likely be from some typical Elven location. You are an roleplayer, be creative! Wiggle Smilie
well as far as im concerned (My opinion only) there are two main ways to show where someone is from in the english language, using "of" and using "from"...

"of" denote the origin, and "from" denotes location travelled from, I.E....

Dave OF england to me insinuates "Dave (Born) of england", where as
Dave FROM england implies "Dave (coming) from england"

(so in your example about arwen, we would say she is of Rivendell, yet from Gondor)

seeing as our "description" reads, from , i would imagine it means where we currently are (in middle earth), also, the fact that you can change where you are "from", would imply location as oposed to origin.

Big Smile Smilie

Being creative is hard work! Big Smile Smilie
But you are right that is exactly what i have to do then. Ha Ha Ha Smilie