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It would be great if one could leave comments on journal entries for many write stories and poems and all things like that. It would be nice if they could read engouragin words from others so that they might write more of their stories or receive some constructive criticism.
How about that?
Heya Arath Waving Hello SmilieGood to see you around again ( How is military ? )
I believe there is a thread for it somewhere but you could also send a message to the member directlySmile Smilie
Its fine. Except while in guard when it was cold. freezing wind and -25 degrees. Not very nice. But i like the army. There is alot of nice guys. Maybe a little too much of hiking in the woods whit the full gear. I am a uum..... A anti-tank unit. (or something like that i dont know the word Big Smile Smilie) Gear weighs alot! Whit all of them mines they weight about 15kg a piece and i have to carry 3. Besides that its fine.
Sorry all for not following my own advice by using my own advice , I'll hereby send you a private message ArathSmile Smilie
I believe there is a thread for it somewhere

Wich one? where?