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Just looked at the Weather Page, It is snowing in Moria. It is probably hard to do but shouldn't the weather be more realistic?

(Unless Moria is the Mountain not just the Mines/Khazad-D’m, And I thought the mines were in Caradhras, so It should have Caradhras instead of Moria, but the location counts as Moria.)
Well, even if it is the mines, the weather is only used for mail right now, so if the 'post man' comes out of the mines, the snow will hamper him anyway. Just a thought....
You're right Kinsman. And post-man coming from the Shire and Rivendell have to pass through the Pass of Cradhras and we all know what bad weather could do there!
And so does the Fellowship Big Smile Smilie
And So does Rick Astley.

Wait... He knows the rules... nothing about Caradhras.
My Bad.

I apologise.

Moderator Smilie Loss: Let's keep it to the topic without links to other websites, in line with Rule 9 of PT Moderator Smilie
We've been hoping for the weather to return for a few years, so enjoy it, as it's better than to go without Happy Elf Smilie

Think of it as the weather that the post-man has to travel through to get to each place, then knock at their door Orc Smiling Smilie
I am enjoying it.

And Theres rules for this website?! (Rick Astley Knows the Rules, But I Don't), I thought all I needed to do was be family friendly!? Anyway I've never found them. (Never Gonna if someone doesn't link me. I'll stop now Paranoid Smilie )

Can I please get a link to them (I didn't know it was a rule not to rick roll people! or just post links)
You are correct, everyone must keep whatever they post family-friendly, so we can be still classed as one. This also includes links to other websites, as they may be unfriendly. Although your link was a friendly, it was out of topic and this is a forum for discussion and not for annoying video links out of topic Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

The Rules are under Help/FAQ above the threads.
I can't find the weather page again.. Looked under help/faq and it says there is a sun or moon icon to click but I don't see it. Am I missing something?
Sorry about that, the info has now been updated with links.

Here is the link to the Weather forecast
and here is the link to see the Postal rates/charges

Tarrant posted them in a thread earlier and that was, untill now, the only place the links could be found. Deal Smilie
Thanks Amarie!!