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Help! I just noticed I have been shrunk! I was born here as AN ELF from MIRKWOOD and look at me now! No offense to Hobbits, just not my kind of lifestyle. Please someone get me back my height and pointy ears.
And I used to be an Eagle. Rivendell is nice, but I do miss my wings.... But, the reason for this can be found here in Tarrant's thread: What I'm up to ...

You can change your location under "My account" - "edit profile"
Happy Elf Smilie
Thank you!
I miss being the only Nazg’l about the place, occasionally screeching and fleeing away in screams. This will give me the chance to rest my voice Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Loss, somehow I can only see you as gentle, sweet, kind, giving and loyal. No screeching, no not one. Smile Smilie
I was also a Nazg’l. [WAAAAAYY!!]
I was run from my home in the Lonely Mountain, attacked by a fierce dragon seeming to seek revenge for Smaug's death. Then I took up temporary residence in Buckland with a hearty disguise (Took my shoes off, hehehe) then headed east to see how my kinsman in Moria were doing until Tarrant rounds up a group of adventurers to slay the dragon, again.
Apparently I can change to an Elf again, but only from Rivendell or Lorien. Being a Noldorin Elf from Beleriand I find these TA elves a bit soft. And as for living in trees in Lorien, I'd rather move in with the dwarves.
This thread has me totally baffled. I am understanding just about zero. Sad Smilie
That's because you probably haven't been affected Leelee.
When Tarrant changed some aspects of the site, some locations were lost.
If you recall I was an Elf from Beleriand as my name would suggest. So some of us have different identities from when we first joined PT.

If any council members are there, any chance finding Beleriand again? I know it sank under the sea, but lets not be too pedantic.
Oh great, now I'm singing "Under the sea" from "the little mermaid". Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

7) Removed a number of previously available locations temporarily, until they can be added to the weather system. 600 or more members were assigned random locations, if this was you, you can go to edit profile and move to a different location of your choice.

(This is from the thread I linked to earlier)

I wouldn't worry, I'm pretty sure Beleriand will be back on the list when Tarrant has finished.