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While I was making my new avatar, (Didn't take long though) I got the idea for member Titles and stuff. For milestones and stuff like 2000 Posts or 730 'You have got mithil for signing in' messages you get a badge (like the 'Council Member' thing at the bottom of Avatars) for it. So 100 Posts is 'Bronze Sign In', then 'Silver Sign In', 'Gold Sign In', 'Mithril Sign in' and finally 'Silmarill Sign In', and other things like 'Bronze-Silmarill Post Count' etc. Then you can choose which one to put on your avatar by selecting it somewhere in 'My Account', but you can only use the highest one you have achieved in whatever category.
If you have all of them Bronze or Higher, you get 'Warrior', then Silver - 'Rohirrim', Gold - 'Captain', Mithril - 'The Fellowship' (Like in my Avatar) and then for Silmarill - 'King' or something.

We could also have a allegiance thing somewhere, (Good, Neutral, Evil) which affects it. (Nazg’l not Fellowship, Warg instead of Rohirrim, Etc)

Also, if there is any contests like Fan-Fic contests or stuff, we get Badge things like 'Lore-Geek' for a contest or researching who some guy who has only been mentioned once's nan is. (Which is actually easy, half of the Return of the King is just Family Trees)

Sorry if this doesn't make anysense.
Makes sense to me! And I like the idea! I would love to have a badge or banner or something Smile Smilie We need to take this to Tarrant and maybe he can put it on his "to do" list. I imagine his list is rather long but still...

And we could make our own signatures to sign posts with that state where our allegiance lies and so on. Lots of creative minds here, lets toss this idea around !
we used to have sigs, not sure when they went, perhaps people were being a bit naughty and there were canned?
That would be before my time Smile Smilie We could just do the sigs ourselves although it would be harder..
Have signature on pictures is ok in my opinion. But I would be against signatures on all posts. It makes it hard to read (or find!) the actual post and takes too long to load.

I have been a member in one forum where people were allowed to have signatures. I never went there more than once. That was annoying as sometimes the signature took more space than the actual post!!!
We used to have both signatures and posting ranks. That was back in the days when PT was a pre-made forum, and you could surf the web and go: "Heeeey, that looks just like PT except the colours are horrible and the forum is a MESS!" Ha Ha Ha Smilie

The signatures were restricted to max two lines of plain text, no images or smilies.

The posting ranks had stars and some text, and there was always someone who would post a lot of short and useless posts like "I agree" or just a smiley to boost their ranks. (Which is the reason we had to add a rule about no single line posts or single smiley posts...)

Aaaanyhow.... Tarrant is re-writing this site so that it will be easier to add new things. So keep posting your ideas and thoughts! You never know what might suddenly become reality. Smile Smilie
I would have thought it would be easy enough to change the template for a persons post to include a badge, and slightly more to make it chooseable (the complicated bit being unlocking them, and making it so once u get a 'gold' or something you lose the silver, etc)
Thorin, I agree that these shouldn't be to big so as to be distracting and I'd really dislike having anything animated. I've been on lists too where they finally had to limit the amount of space that signatures and tag lines could use. I'm thinking small things like by or below the avatar and maybe a one or two line of text for signatures..

Cheesy I really like this new avatar you have!
I agree with pretty much everything Sian just said. Most forums with Signatures and Star Rankings are always pretty rubbish IMO. And Thanks Sian. I'm still messing around with the shading and stuff, so it aint finished yet.

Taz, is there any chance that we can have anoption to see on what date we joined PT?

On the subject of titles and ranks can anyone tell me what these levels mean? I seem to be a level 1. I hope its not some sort of game where you go up levels by killing orcs or whatever. I really have better things to do.

I would also very much like to see something that would allow us to show our date of joining PT.  I know you have worked very hard, Taz.  And I commend you on what you've done.  But is such a thing possible?


We have no idea what the Levels are about yet, time will tell. Smile Smilie

Using my mad CM skillz *cough* I see that: 

Gandalf-olorin, you signed up 2005-02-26

Thorin Oakenshield: 2006-05-14

Hopefully this could be added to a profile page or something in the future. 

Thanks, Amarie.  It's good to know when I became a member of the family. 


Great Info! Thanks!!


Actually though, Thorin Oakenshield is the second account I created here. I discovered PT in November or early December 2005 at an IT show where they had free internet access for visitors Big Smile Smilie ( I did not have net at home at that time). I created an account under the name of finrod or something like that. The funny thing is that I still have the password written down but not the user name. I though I would not remember the password but it turned out to be the other way round! Orc Grinning Smilie 


A couple of months later when I got net at home, Thorin was born Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie