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Hi Taz, I was just wondering how hard it would be to list the page numbers on the 'latest posts' page so you can go straight to the last page from there, instead of going to the first page every time and then having to click on the last page number.

Thanks Mate
What about if I modified the forum so topics displayed first to last? This would mean, for example, that page 1 would have the newest posts and page 30 would have the oldest.
I would prefer to keep the same layout, just with this.

Thread Title - [1] ... [Penultimate Page] [Last Page]

Make sure that it is just the first and last 2 pages
I'll wait for some more members to share their opinions before proceeding.
I like Eruheran's suggestion myself..
Tarrant, if the pages are Latest Posts first, it is more confusing.
Tarrant, with the pages reading Latest Posts on that thread first it is confusing to find where you are up to on it.

I agree, I always loose where I am, get confused and annoyed. Then I leave and never come back.

Perhaps the links in 'latest posts' could lead to the latest post in the thread? Now it brings us to the top of page one in the thread.
I understand. If you would just let me order the threads from newest to oldest it would meet all of the above requests and be a lot easier for me to implement. Most forums these days are ordered from beginning to last, rather than how we currently do it which is backwards.
We aren't doing it backwards...?

It is beginning to last when I look...
Look how i have done it now (this is just a test so don't all go screaming at me!)

Page 1 will have the latest posts in reverse from the top, the further back you go the older the posts e.g. page 1 (latest posts), 2, 3,4 (older posts in order). What do you think?
I prefer the old version, but this would be ok.

With some threads though, like the 'Whos next', 'The Person Below' and 'Walk in and have a seat game' though, this would be confusing.
Let's try it for a while and get some feedback then Thumbs Up Smilie
But with threads like 'The Person Below', a few people might get confused by the changes, and the threads will loose the flow for a bit. and RPG threads will make less sense.
I can always change the name of that thread to "The Person Above" Smile Smilie

Either way, it needs to a) be tried for a bit and b) needs more members' feedback
Just spotted a bit of an error with it. I went on 'Who's next' to see wether it looked right, and page 1 was called page 140. We need to swap around the numbering system.
Just spotted a bit of an error with it. I went on 'Who's next' to see wether it looked right, and page 1 was called page 140. We need to swap around the numbering system.

I don't see that, it works for me when I tried it.
"The person below" refers to the next poster.

Anyhow, I suppose I can get used to this it if I have to...
"The person below" refers to the next poster.

I have changed the name of the thread to "The Person Above Game", if that helps?

If everyone doesn't like it like this, I'll just change it back to how it was.
But with 'Whos Next', it goes like this now

New Zealand or Ireland,

(Different Question)
(Answer 2)

Where would you like to move to?
(Answer 3)
(Question 2)
(Question 3)
OK I'll change it back then... done.
Now we have the same confusion... Orc Grinning Smilie

I was getting used to it Tarrant. We could have easily changed the format of the 3 games we mentioned, and the rest was fine, but It doesn't matter.
Well make your minds up Exploding Head Smilie I preferred it how I had it, so which is it?
I think I like it this way, I was used to it. But it wold be nice to go directly to the last page instead of to the beginning of the whole thread since several have around 100+ pages.. Then once you were at the end you could go back to the beginning if you wanted to. does this make sense? I think most just want to go directly to the end and see new posts.
I really don't mind. You should set up a poll about it, like how we used to have polls.

(Where did they go?)
It had a security bug so had to be disabled for the moment.
You could make PT the "non-backward" newest post first way for a day or two, and hear what people think.

My first impression is that it suits better for listing up news or updates, and not so well for conversations, dicussions and stories which is what PT is about.
Ohh, I am glad that I missed this test. I am one of those orderly people and clicking on the last page number and bottom of page works for me. Smile Smilie
Thanks for looking in to it anyway Taz.
When I get some time I'll look into fixing the homepage and latest news so the links automatically take you to the last page/post. For today though, it's time to move the server!
You should set up a poll about it, like how we used to have polls

It's now back.
Ha, I'm late on this discussion, but my vote goes for reversing it - newest posts show first. That's how every other site I'm on does it, and it really wont take long to get used to....