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With Christmas steadily approaching, I thought to myself, what do all the residents of Planet Tolkien want to arrive in their stockings, on the 25th December this year? This thread is for you to let the Council know, whether it be a new design, feature or bug fixed. I have hired a part time developer to help me work on the website up until. Rest assured, all will be considered. So, what do you want? Christmas Smilie
I would like a chatroom-type feature restored to PT. I was able to make many friends and converse frequently with them here when there was a chatroom. Perhaps this would also encourage more members to visit more often.

I would like that too, I have many fond memories from our chat room of old. I do understand that it's very hard to manage though....
The chatroom sounds like fun, since it's a bit more personal than a forum (and, I imagine, the responses will be a bit quicker! Big Smile Smilie).

As for another wish, I'd like the thread moderator business started up before the inevitable rush of new members due to the Hobbit movies, since I think it would be be better for members to get used to the system before we're swamped.
Does anyone have any other ideas?
@Fornad:I second both your wishes mate.
More locations and races to choose from.
Adding to Amari’'s idea (and helping Taz along Smile Smilie ):

Races and their Locations

Elf ’ from Lothl’rien, Rivendell, Mithlond, Mirkwood, or the Undying Lands,

Gondorian - from Minas Tirith, Dol Amroth, Osgiliath, Cair Andros, Pelargir, Belfalas, Erech, Edhellond or An’rien,

Rohirrim ’ from Edoras, Helm’s Deep, the Eastfold, the East Emnet, the West Emnet, or the Gap of Rohan,

N’menorean ’ from Armenelos, R’menna or And’ni’,

Southron ’ from Harad, Rh’n, Khand or Far Harad,

Corsair ’ from Umbar,

Dunedain - from Bree, Fornost, Ann’minas, the Weather Hills, the South Downs, the North Downs, Minhiriath, Osgiliath, Ithilien, or Cair Andros,

Dwarf ’ from the Blue Mountains, the Glittering Caves, Moria, the Lonely Mountain, or the Iron Hills,

Orc ’ from Barad-D’r, Mount Doom, Minas Morgul, the Black Gates, the Mountains of Shadow, Gorgoroth, Nurn, the Ash Mountains, the Misty Mountains, or Dol Guldur,

Troll ’ from Trollshaws, the Misty Mountains, or Mordor,

Goblin ’ from Moria, the Misty Mountains, or Mount Gundabad,

Ent ’ from Fangorn

Uruk-Hai ’ from Isengard

Hobbit ’ from Hobbiton, Bywater, Buckland or Bree,

Eagle ’ from the Misty Mountains or the White Mountains,

Nazg’l ’ from Minas Morgul, Angmar, or Dol Guldur.

Well, that was longer than expected. Big Smile Smilie
The new games at the bottom are fun. Big Smile Smilie are cool
What about this chat thing? For example, Odette and I are online, but apparently 'No one is available to chat'. Is there something one has to do first?
Yes it's a bug and I have requested support from the developer. Will let you know when it's fixed.
Ok Taz thanks for the new features.I was wondering about the chat but thought everyone was offline intentionally
@Fornad:How come I don't see u on chat?
Chat's now fixed.
Hey Taz, thanks for the chat! Now if I could only find someone to chat with.

Look at that, chat restored. Smile Smilie
Thanks Taz.I chatted with Amarie yesterdaySmile Smilie

I cannot thank you enough for the chat. Already, I have reconnected with two or three friends that I haven't heard from in years. This means a lot to me, and I hope others remember to express appreciation to you for this great "present." You have impressed me as an owner/designer who truly cares about his site members. And I will not forget your kindness in this regard.

Darn time zones. There is no one online whenever I am on the planet. Sad Smilie
ohmygodohmygod so excited!! CHAT!!!!! Can we sort out a time to all be on together or something? So happy!! (Hi Rednell!)

Oh, and for Christmas I'd quite like the old green board back, where it showed what you were replying to and you could more easily navigate the pages in a thread. It was prettier too... Not a fan of the black. Some progress on the hobbit movies would be good too. And a new copy of TT, mines getting a bit battered....

There's two small things that I've thought of:

1. I think this might be echoed by many people - to make text bold, italicized or underlined, having to start and end with these - [ b ], [ i ] and [ u ] - is a bit fiddly, especially when one clicks on the sign above the typing box and it only ever appears at the end of whatever you're typing. I'm OK with quotes and URLs remaining like this, since they are so infrequently used it hardly becomes a bother. But can you not have something like the system in MS Word, where when bold, italics or underline is turned on, all highlighted or following text becomes that way? Just a thought.

2. For journal entries, it would be nice to have an area at the bottom where members could post their thoughts on the journal - I think this has been asked before, but as Taz seems to be feeling generous I may as well throw my lot in. Big Smile Smilie
This isn't a wish; but a question. I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask it, so here goes: What's this new level thing that I see in my account page? Currently, I'm Level 1 (preposterous, I know Big Smile Smilie) so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with posts. What is this about, Taz?

EDIT: By the way, Rho, does the picture above the Gallery section ring any bells? Wink Smilie
What is this about, Taz?

I have no idea Bad King Smilie
lol, yeah thought I was looking in a mirror Cool Smilie
42!!!!! I can't wait to chat again. It has been much too long, old friend!!

I see our fraggle has been very busy. I have a lot of exploring to do. Smile Smilie
Homepage looks very nice, indeed. Smile Smilie

Fornad, we did have a comment section after the journals originally; however, some less mature people used the feature to just be plain obnoxious so we had to remove it. Perhaps, it could be reinstated on a trial basis?
I was wondering if there was a way we could post photos (ourselves or our pets or kids or even favorite places ) on the site using webshots or a similar host so as not to over load PT?
That sounds like a good idea, Rho, though I'm not sure towards which capacity it would fulfill in the site. Perhaps we could visit other member's profile pages (which might not contain their names, email adresses and passwords) where they could list their hobbies (almost wrote hobbits there Big Smile Smilie), favourite films and movies, and other information. I suppose they could also have a little personal gallery as well, though I think that this could mean a lot of work for Taz!

I think we should reinstate the journal comments - I hadn't known about the spiteful ones you mentioned, Rednell, though I'm sure there's nobody on the site nowadays who would do such a thing - since many of the journals are literary based and I'm sure many of the "journalists" (including myself) would enjoy some constructive criticism.

Thread mod... I'm still reeling from the news. Wink Smilie
Good point that it's prolly not relevant to Tolkien Fornad but it might be nice to have like a off topic pic thread, it's always nice to see photos of other members and since we all live in other strange far off lands perhaps pics of our environment Wink Smilie
Maybe you could be able to remove unwanted comments from your own journal entries, or if all journals are automatically unable to be commented on unless you make them open. Might be too complicated though!

I thought of a couple of other things too - we used to have a fan art gallery with some really cool pictures and photos and other artwork from members, it would be nice to see that again.

Also the shop - Planet tolkien themed items, we almost had a blazing ring T-Shirt I think I remember.....
I Second all of Fornads ideas on here.
I'd like for the chat msg that are left after I leave to actually show up when I come back. Now I just see that there is a missed chat and when I click to open the chat window, then text vanished. Not sure if it just in Opera or if this a problem for others too.

*waves to Nelly* Sorry I didn't see you in time hun! Sad Smilie

Also the shop - Planet tolkien themed items, we almost had a blazing ring T-Shirt I think I remember.....

Ahh yes, that was my blazing ring I believe. Smile Smilie
Hah, then good stuff with the blazing ring (and I hope you don't mind me calling it that!)

I'd like for the chat msg that are left after I leave to actually show up when I come back. Now I just see that there is a missed chat and when I click to open the chat window, then text vanished. Not sure if it just in Opera or if this a problem for others too.

I have the same problem, I'm using Chrome.
Anarya Posted Friday 20th August 2010 (01:19am)

Is the white text and dark background bothering anyone else, or is it just me?

Grondy Posted Sunday 22nd August 2010 (01:50am)

Today I think it is better, more like light and lighter grey texts on milk chocolate.

Does anyone else have problem with the colors?
No I like the new layout, it's refreshing.
I have some problems with the page numbers at the end of threads. It is difficult to distinguish the bold one (where you currently are) to the other. Can something be done about that please?

The message board and private message editor has now been upgraded, no more [ ] square tags.

Taz, there seems to be a bug now whereby all the old posts that had paragraphs in them are now single blocks of text. For example, this has completely ruined the layout of my RPG, but it has taken place in all other threads. I'm also not to keen on how there has to be a space between paragraphs (on an incidental note, this new posting system that you've installed works on my computer but not on a wireless device that I occasionally use to access the site - i.e I can type but do nothing else). The new system seems to have created more problens than it has solved, really.

Could you fix this, please?


Thanks Taz.
I know that you're trying to speak to me on chat, but with the device I'm using I can see, but cannot respond.
I think that has to go for everyone, because I've felt a bit guilty over the past week when people have tried to talk to me but I've been unable. I'm not ignoring you lot, I just sometimes can't respond! Wink Smilie

Is it possible with this new posting system to make paragraphs without gaps in between them? Because this:

is annoying when you're trying to write. I don't know if this is just my personal preference (or if anyone else even cares Big Smile Smilie), but it's just a small thing and I'd be grateful if it could be turned back to the way it was.

I'll look into this. I fixed it yesterday but it caused the other bug which removed all paragraphs. I know what it is, I just need to figure out a solution. Will look into it further tonight.


Is it possible with this new posting system to make paragraphs without gaps in between them?

This is now fixed, but I have some bad news:

there seems to be a bug now whereby all the old posts that had paragraphs in them are now single blocks of text

This is now back, and it's not a bug. The problem is, the old editor we used was saving badly formed HTML and storing paragraphs with the incorrect tags. The consequence is, the new editor, which uses correctly formed HTML, has rendered some of the previous posts with single blocks of text.

I know it's a pain, but the only resolution is when you come across one of these posts, to go in and manually edit it to have new paragraphs in it.

I could hack the system so this wasn't necessary, but that would mean we would a) not be able to have paragraphs without spaces in between and b) we would continue to use badly formed HTML and the problem would only get worse.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but this is for the best.

Members have requested a quotation button, this has now been added. The spell check button has been removed until a better solution can be found (most modern browsers have native spell checking anyway).

OK, this is honestly what I think. Please don't think that I'm being pushy or being a bit of a jerk, but here goes: The old problem of having to use [ b ] and [ i ] in posts was a very minor irritation at most. This new system that you've put in has just made a whole host of bigger problems, chiefly among which is the removal of all paragraphs from old posts. This, for example, has ruined the layout of my RPG, and while I can just about go in and edit all the posts back to the way they were, that's 48 fairly large blocks of work that I consider unnecessary and very annoying. But think about this, Taz - the Khazad-d’mish Inn, probably one - if not the - greatest jewels in the crown of this website - has been marred terribly. Now all it's pages have been reduced to blocks of nearly unreadable text that ruin it's legacy - the legacy that I feel captures the very spirit and essence of this site. A legacy of friendship, of smiles, of song, of knowing one another and sometimes poking fun at one another Smile Smilie, a spirit of Tolkien's world, and his Shire, that has captured the hearts of so many. I never saw a problem with the old posting system, so if it's alright with you, Taz, I'd like it back please.

I am not terribly saavy in websites, so anything I would have to add would probably be intelligible to only pre-schoolers. But I did love writing stories about Middle-Earth, some I got as many as nine hundred or more readings, and now when I try to write anything I just have a page full of warnings. It would be such a joy to be able to do that once more. I did try to do as Loss suggested, put one on the fan page but that did not work either , Really though, I prefer to write in my journel entry section.

Anything you could do for me would be so appreciated. I am not saying my stories are anything at all, but it did give me joy to sit down and write them in a safe and nurturing place; and if the occasional person wrote and said a story touched his or her heart, well that was so much the better.

Thank you . Oh yes I had something else, but I will post later about that.


I have explained technically what's causing the problem and why it has to be this way if this site is to conform to standards. It's important the site does conform to standards because it effects the future development of the engine, and also how we're optimised for search engines, which all amounts to more visitors and members.

so if it's alright with you, Taz, I'd like it back please.

I understand, it's not coming back though so the work will need to be done. I volunteer a large percentage of my time to developing this website to make it better for the members. I'm asking the members to do a small (in the grand scheme of things) amount of work to help me, and make the website better for the long term. Don't want to do that? That's fine too.

that's 48 fairly large blocks of work that I consider unnecessary and very annoying

No problem. I will ask the council (and perhaps some other members) to go back and edit the individual posts to add the correct paragraphs and formatting. If all else fails, I'll just do it myself.

Hi Leelee

Anything you could do for me would be so appreciated

This has now been fixed. Thank you.

Just like to say on behalf of everyone here that we apprcieate the work you've put in here since your return Taz, the place looks grouse, and I'm waiting with bated breath for the new RPG section to arrive....Cheers boss Smile Smilie

Thank you Rho I really appreciate that, it's nice to be recognised and I hope to make many more improvements over the next month 

Rho; Seconded. Well Done Taz. 

Changing the Posting System has got rid of the Right-Click Spell Check things, and with you getting rid of the old Spell Checker, it is slightly Irritating. But the rest is much better. Love the New Smilies thing.

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