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Thought that would get your attention.

I don’t mind hanging out in Hobbiton, but being a hobbit with a name like mine is rather tedious. I’ve tried disguising myself with a hobbit name but these hobbits do nothing but hang out in taverns discussing who’s related to who to the nth degree, so if you do claim to be related to someone you always get caught out. Still, the beer’s very good – just as well since I don’t have anything in common with them; so I’ve taken to consuming large quantities of ale. For those interested the Floating Log is the place for really serious drinking. Actually, it’s the only pub in the Shire I haven’t been barred from on account of not paying my bar tab. I’m about to get kicked out of the Log due to my extensive tab which means I’ll have to skip town (and the Shire) altogether, and I don’t fancy my chances in the wild the size of a hobbit. Although I hear there’s a good tavern in Bree.

If I went back to being an Elf, I wouldn’t have this problem.

Anyway, does anyone know if the Prancing Pony runs a tab?

That is very interesting this situation of yours. I don't know if the Prancing Pony runs a tab, I doubt it though as the proprietor would probably end up quite poor if he started this practise as he would have to do the same for everyone. But I wouldn't put it past him to hand over a pint or two in exchange for a little work done or an exchange of an article or two of interest or value such as a pretty ring or bracelet or something like that. I wish you WOULD go back to being an elf. I should enjoy your company of an evening high up on a flet . reciting lays and having wondrous good food to eat and of course the joy of hearing you enter the conversation.

I'd like to do that Leelee, but as I said in a previous post:

Apparently I can change to an Elf again, but only from Rivendell or Lorien. Being a Noldorin Elf from Beleriand I find these TA elves a bit soft. And as for living in trees in Lorien, I'd rather move in with the dwarves

Nothing personal, but I do have a hankering for my old home in Beleriand. In fact why don't we expand on this. There are all the Elven states, Gondolin, Nargothrond etc, some Dwarf realms; Nogrod, and some places for men and even Ents. I think PT would be a more interesting site if we had all those places in Beleriand to choose from. Those were the days.The men were men, the elves were elves,the dwarves were really tough and all the goblins looked really worried.

This is an interesting propositon. I wonder what others think on that. As for you dear one, you must decide what your priorty is and go from there. One can't have just everything in Middle-Earth. That is at least one lesson I have learned.

True, but I think it would make PT a more interesting place. Personally I've always found the tales of the first age the most interesting, and of course the places are ones I've always wanted to visit.

This and much more will be available in the next version of Planet Tolkien, Two Trees. Where you will be able to live and move around anywhere within Middle-Earth.

What, wonderful. I can scarce begin to guess what the ' and a lot more' could possibly entail. Have you devised something whereby we can be transported, all together to Middle-Earth for a wondrous time together. oh how I wish that would be so.