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I think we need a Races sub-topic in the Middle-Earth topic on the Forum Home page. I am itching to discuss the history of Dwarves, broken down into subjects i.e. Battles, Realms/Kingdoms, Kings, Realations with neighboring kingdoms (depending on time era). This can also be done with any Race good or evil. As well as Beornings, Eagles, Elves, Numenor/ Dunedain, Uruk-Hai, Balrogs......

I would suggest you try the "Characters" Forums in Middle Earth section. There are many topics on persons or races, and since I am not long enough around here myself, it could prove useful to first check what forums there were in the past. It may turn out some of your interests are already started, in which case you could easily bring them back "to life".

Check out the Tolkien Weekly Courses, where the nature of the races has been presented (at some level at least).

I guess the Dwarven Guild may also be a good place to share some ideas.

Last, but not least, you can always open a new thread (threads) and start conversations. Have fun digging!