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I'm just browsing through our works list - (in part thinking I might buy something off of it in support of the forums) - and noticed


1) Most of the "buy" links for US are non-functional.

2) Roverandom isn't listed (children's works? short stories?)

3) It would be nice to have a "works" list and then a link (or a dropdown menu) to a list of each published edition of that particular work... So I'm wondering if this is something that can be opened up to editing, or ??

4) there ought to be an asterisk or something next to titles that were published posthumously

Sorry I seem to have double posted by mistake, and can only find a link to delete a post, not a thread... ignore the other thread by the same name...


So the OTHER thing I was thinking, as I was reading the Tolkien Calendar post, noticing that Parmastahir's latest featured calendar uses pictures by JRRT, was that tolkien's written works are not his only works.  So I was thinking a works list ought to include a link to his pictures - or a link to a sort of index - of pictures that JRRT did himself, alongside the editions of his books in which each picture can be found...


p.s. the works list I'm talking about is here:  just in case you are looking at the nav bar and thinking "there's no 'works list'..."