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I'm here since two weeks only so I cannot make many suggestions as I'm still discovering the site. Anyway, I think it would be great if every member could have a small introduction of themselves with some personal details (country, age, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc.) I think it would be nice to know better other people. Even if all members are cool, there are always some people who shares your thoughts or other features. What about creating a file for those members who would like to put their details for the rest of PT to see? ***Of course nothing about address, e-mail, etc.

That is a tall order; I know there is a thread where you tell about which country you come from and perhaps other pertinent facts.

I am Leelee, an elf usually from Lothlorien, but now visiting Imladris. Leelee is my real middle name, so my choice of names is not very interesting or original. I am a free lance writer, former editor, former assistant to head dietician in a huge hospital in a huge city. I have also worked with battered , at risk and abused children for many years. In the more lighter vein of things, I was a dance teacher, ballet and interprative combined dance. I am illustrating my work now but I have not exactly found that perfect style. I did some acting but am too shy and cannot stand the bickering and ego things. I like everyone to like everyone and kindness and love are my mission statement if you will.

I live in the west coast of my beloved country of Canada. The very small city I live in is semi arid and you can be in one part of it and it is desert and go two miles away only and it is like Italy with gorgeous orchards and wineries. There are three lakes right by us, one with an Elven Name of Swan Lake. We have lovely beaches and beautiful flora and exciting fauna. There is sailing, Aboriginal Canoeing, many bike trails, a first class Performing Arts Centre, world class skiing just a few miles away at Silver Star Mountain, and much more. It is a college, university town and we have the oldest military base in all of Canada and it is not uncommon to see tanks all over the place, hear artillery fire, see soldiers from all parts of the world dropping out of helicopters with parachutes during the summer cadt and military training months. We are deep in a valley with high hills and small mountains, one called Turtle Mountain around us on all sides. Lovely, but not everyone's cup of tea.

I am currently pursuing law, I do not wish to argue so I will not be a lawyer per se. I prefer the hard research and so will become a para legal. I can argue in the lower courts then but not in supreme; but i will be the one who gets all the facts and sorts them out for the lawyer i help in whatever case. I also am saving up to provide a centre for the destitute and working class parents finding the economy hard , for them to bring their little ones to play while they have a nice meal, talk and learn to feed their families nutritionally on little. My family and I have had our own street ministry as it were out of our pockets alone for over a decade. I cannot bear the thought someone would go without , we all need to help our neighbors.

I have four beautiful, kind and gifted children, I am Jewish, descended from the royal line of Judah, the royal house of King David. I am devoted to professor JRR Tolkien, all his work really, especially Beowolf and The Perilous Land.

Now who is next?

I don't know if I can follow that up, but I will give it a try:


When I first stumbled upon this sight, as a high school freshman (man, that makes me feel old) I was doing research for a biography on the professor himself and was intrigued at the sight, so I decided to try it out. Needless to say after just a few trips 'round PT, I decided to stay and I've never regretted that decision. I've grown to know so many people here, it's like another family. I've seen people come and go, and some stay, but I don't think I could ever leave this sight.

I hail from the South-Central United States (Texas and Oklahoma). I've lived almost all of my life in the rugged beauty of Texas, and geez, I guess it's been almost 3 years now, I move to Oklahoma for college. I spend a lot of my free time in the mountains of Montana and Idaho. I have seen things some men have only dreamed of in those peaks and valleys. I'm just glad I can share it with my friends and family. If you ever get a chance to visit the mountains over there, don't hesitate: they are breathtaking. I love to spend my free time hunting, fishing, and backpacking (while up north); and playing games, sports, reading, and spending time with those I care about all other times.

I am currently studying a Digital Media degree. I have always been infatuated with films and my favorite parts of watching a film is the behind-the-scenes extras. I always feel sad when a movie has little to none (needless to say I loved the Trilogy films because the bonus features were almost as long as the films themselves ). And somehow, don't ask me how, I got a track scholarship to my university and have been lucky to watch and run with some national champions and future Olympians (I will never make the Olympics indecision) but I can say I trained with them, and hopefully made them better.

I believe that's me in a nutshell, and I don't think I missed anything. But who knows, maybe I'll think of something else later.

Now who's next up to the plate?

I doubt I can give such detailed posts as you two, but here I go.


I am Oerath, artistically Oerath Windsoul or O.W, but my real name is Otto-Aaro Timonen. I've used this nickname for ages, but I am not sure why I started to use it in the first place. Well, that can remain unknown. I live in Finland, and I was born here in the small town of 'Kuusankoski', and I spend my days either here, or in the town, where my mother lives.

I am not that old fellow, so I don't have much to tell, but as many of you know, I've been writing for many, many years. When I fulfilled thirteen or something, I started to write and practise singing, all that kind of stuff, and even before that age, I started to listen to metal music, which is my favorite music genre even today. I've always been gifted in arts, but I've always sucked at studying and other that kind of things. But like they say: 'the artist is not to blame.'

I have been a kind of 'laid-back' fellow for my whole life. While I dislike many sports and that kind of stuff, I enjoy of games, mainly RPG ones, reading, writing, music, making music, all that kind of things. And when it comes to physical things or such, I do enjoy of forest walks, wandering, random gym days etc.

As to my writing, while I like to remain unknown in many fields, even my friends have suggested that I should try to publish some of my works. Maybe so, maybe not.

And talking about my free time, well, I am a kind of 'series fanatic'. I don't watch television that much, but I constantly watch different television series via dvd's. Some of my time I spend playing drums, singing, writing this and that and hanging out with my friends. I attend some concerts/gigs every now and then, and sometimes I even embark on journeys to meet some of my friends, who live quite far in northern Finland. I also enjoy of going to pubs, my fav's being irish pubs, and well, beer and cigarettes. That's one thing, though I've been trying to quit smoking for a long while.

So, I don't know is there anything else to be said. My own conclusion is that I am just a metallish nature loving troll-haired fellow from Finland. Smile Smilie

How about you others?


I cannot write about myself in as much detail as those before me but here I go.

I myself am actually a Muslim, and quite religious and so as you can guess ‘Lady Alyss’ is just a nickname which I acquired from my odd friends, my real name is Mariam Khan. What I will say is I was born and still live in England, Manchester, and Rochdale. Not a lot of people have heard of it because it is such a small town but it is peaceful…. mostly and so to my liking.

I enjoy long walks, reading and have been writing from a young age; by this, I do not mean that I am old, probably, relatively the opposite in most peoples eyes. I don’t have much of a love for sports but don’t mind so much cricket or badminton.  I am well learnt in French and can speak and write Urdu and am currently learning Arabic and so have a linguistic skill.

I am not one for playing video games nor am I one for watching T.V much; just the odd couple of hours a day if that. I recently noticed that I have been spending quite some time one the computer typing up essays and doing piles of work mixed in with writing. The only reason for the huge amount of work is my tardiness and bad habit of leaving things until last minute; still trying to get out of that habit!

 I admit I can be a bit of an oddball though if you ask anyone who knows me well they would say, ‘she doesn’t know when to be silent, she comes out with the strangest of things which have the time seem to not make sense and is simply the meaning of weird. ’ Doesn’t it show what brilliant friends I have? In all seriousness though, I have learnt to live with my insanity but I don’t think my family have.

So, I in a nutshell, am a weird, talkative, eccentric and at times annoying person.

Lady, you are are highly creative, sensitive, lovely person with a gift of drawing mental images through your poetry that brings tears to my eyes.

Gimli! how wonderful to hear from you. You remind me somehow of Johnny Appleseed, John Denver, and Louis and Clark all rolled up in one. I wish I had the physical strength to do all that, but I have struggled with an immune problem my whole life and despite teaching dance and walking for five or so miles several times a week and all that I still felt weak and tired. So I turned to writing and was a lead singer in a metal band for about five years with my family, one who played left handed slap bass, one lead guitar, me keyboards etc and everyone played the drums! 

Otto has a very deep rich voice and with all that imagery running through his magical mind I am sure he could make several cds without blinking an eye.

These are wonderful member descriptions and I am thrilled to learn a bit more of each of you.


Yeah, I'd like to read more of these detailed descriptions by myself too. It's good to know a little bit more about different people. A little add, Leelee: I only wish I'd be able to sing as well as late Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Definitely a singer, whose voice I won't ever forget.

Well Oerath, your words of praise are a lasting memorial to him and that is something indeed.

I am fairly certain that I am not half as eloquent as those who have already introduced themselves, but I shall continue nonetheless!


I am a 14 year old girl, who was born in Augusta, Maine in the United States of America, and is now a freshman in high school, and homeschooled. I love to read and write, mostly fantasy, though sometimes I might read historical fiction(Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books), though I never write such, it is beyond me. I greatly love all of Tolkien's works, the Hobbit being one of my very favorites(I have a lot of favorite books). I have imagined many lands, peoples, cultures and legends of my own, and have scores, at the least, of characters in my head that I know inside and out. I am afraid too few of them have been, or ever will be put on paper, but Alas! 'tis the way things are. I will strive, though, to record as many as I am able, and may introduce some of them here on PT, as I have Azgettar(somewhat).

I also play or listen to all different kinds of music, but especially orchestrated music. I am learning to play the piano, though I still can't read music, but I know the chord structure, so all I need to do is listen to a melody, add the appropriate bass notes, perhaps add a broken chord here and there, and then play. It doesn't sound half bad(after much practice and failure)!

I also have great interest in linguistics. I already speak Chinese, as well as my native language, English, and I wish to learn more. Greek is very appealing to me, as is Hebrew. I would love to be able to read the Bible in its original languages!

Another thing I enjoy is the Legend of Zelda. I play very few video games, and the ones I do play, are Zelda games. I like the stories, the characters and the quests, and the huge worlds they reside in. And, of course, riding across wide open plains and scorching deserts, through endless swamps and over unforgiving mountains and volcanoes, to the tower where the great king of evil, Ganon, holds the fair Princess Zelda captive. It seems that unknown places and distant cultures intrigue me. Strange lands shrouded in a dark mist beg me to step into the fog and seek it's secrets,vast oceans glittering in the moonlight sweep me off to a long-forgotten world beneath the surf.

What lies beyond the horizon? At the bottom of the ocean? On the mountaintop? Whodunit? Why? How? I always love a good mystery.

It's high time I added my post to this thread! The name is Wenlesael, just call me Wen though. I am a fourteen year old boy from Alberta Canada. My hobbies include drawing, reading, writing stories and poems, climbing trees, playing guitar,and doing a Korean marshal art called Taekwondo. Just last Saturday I passed a Taekwondo test for my second degree black belt!

I have what some might call, an artistic mindset. You see, I have always been one for lots of detail, mainly in writing and drawing. I like it when I read a long, colorful description of a characters personality or appearance. I love symbolic scenes, such as moonlit water or sunlit forest glades, that without words to explain, can fix a deep impression and symbolic meaning in your memory. and this is one of the many ways Tolkien's works appeal to me.

Other than that, I love music. In fact lately I have been very caught up in learning about and listening to lute music. It is a new dream to learn to play one of those magnificent stringed instruments that have so long and amazing of a history! I also enjoy rock music, classical music and flute and pan pipe music. 

In the future I hope to write and publish novels and poems and that I would (hopefully) become a renowned author! This is my dream!

Hi again! I must say something about me, after all I have created this thread. First I have to say that I'm astonished with Leelee, you are someone to be admired. Sincerely, what a lot of work for others. Related to the others, it's pretty nice to know so many different people sharing at least one common thing. Nice to meet you all!

About me, I don't lead an interesting life but I will tell you a bit. I'm Spanish, actually living in Portugal but working in Spain as I live in the boundary. I'm 31 years old. I work as secretary and speak 6 languages. My work doesn't give me anything but money so I'm thinking in leaving it and look for something related with nature or helping others. In my freetime I love trekking in the good company of my dogs, reading (especially about alternative therapies and other philosophies), writing lyrics and poems, listening to music (heavy metal, French and Italian from the 60's, for meditation, etc.) Fortunately I live in the countryside and can seed and harvest my own vegetables. I do reiki since 2010. And I love travelling. As LadyAliss said, I feel weird also. I'm always in the extremes. I like heavy metal shows in order to free some stress of my daily life but when I have holidays I use to go abroad, usually alone for avoiding others opinions and knowing myself better. My worst problem is that I listen to people and their problems affect me too much. So finally, everyone else's problems, the latest news of the world, etc. are a burden for me from which I cannot get rid of.

I'm always talkative, joking with my friends and relatives, cheerful, active but from some months ago a sadness has swallowed me. Even if I don't show it, I feel a lack of something, in my life and in this world. I feel tired and would like to lay down and let the years pass. A long holiday as Bilbo's, hahaha. Then I would wake up stronger. Strange feeling ¿? Does anyone feel the load of the wrongs in this world as I do?

Well, sorry for a long diary but this is my life. Who's next?

Hi, I used to go around simply by the name of Thorin here until I changed it a couple of years ago, i think. I've been visiting here in and out since 2005 when I first stumbled on this site. I created this account sometimes in the fall of 2006 or early 2007 and this has since been my way of commuting around here.


Anyway, It may shock some but I'm only 22 years old. I graduated last october and is now looking for a job. My hobbies usually revolve around playing games and reading. I also love gardening and absolutely delights in going for very long walks. I love nature and listening to music, mostly modern rock (hot heavy metal/rock) and Enya-type music. 


I'm also a spiritiual person. In recent days I have taken great liking in space related matters and I have been spending quite some time reading about cosmology. That all there is to me for now Smile Smilie

You sound a bit like Sam there Thorin Smile Smilie Me like