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I was browsing through the forums and old threads and an idea sudddenly struck. I would like to request if we could have a new tab called "Legends" to thank some of the people for their contributon to the site. Ofcourse, how someones qualify for that is something else altogether which needs lots of thought and debate but I think we will all agree that Old Grondy deserves top spot. During all the years he spent on this site, he had made 24,000+ posts, run so many threads by himself including amongst many other, Trivia: Barad Dur, The Khazad Dummish Inn, and The Party Tree. I just want those new to this wonderful site to know who he was and how much he helped PT to become what it is today. On a personal note, he was the one to whom I first "spoke" on this site and he taught me many things including the basics of RP, etc. I think this would be a fitting tribute. Please let me know what you think.

Leave it to Thorin to come up with a great idea. You have my full support....... and my axe!!

I'd like to nominate Rednell who in my opinion deserves the top spot as much as Grondy does.

She has been" Mum" (or Mom if you're American) to this site as Grondy was Dad, organizing the Quenya classes and LOTRs discussion groups and helped keep this place running pretty much from the beginning.

Here's to Mum!

Thoran, I bow to you and your wisdom, what a gorgeous thread.

Grondy was the reason I stayed, and because of the reasons you stated I agree. And Fen or Rednell is exactly what dear Rho( I was you could post more, miss you) said . So father and mother of this site, perfect.

And I would also like this honor to go to our Val who has honored this site by returning if only for a little. He was and is a true Elf and contributed so much to this site you just are thrilled by all he contributed.

And really, I cannot just make these statements without giving accolades to someone whose wit and intelligence both helped others soar on this site and also ruffled feathers, probably thousands of feathers and that one is my hero Vir. For as many years back as I had time to read he was there with his acid words and hysterically funny wit and many who probably never had anyone best them were left in the literary dust.blush

And no one beats Loss for kindness, help when you're down and friendship. He and Mellon were my first friends here.

So I would like to extend this thread if I may dear Thorin to those over the years that one feels made this site alive, brought fresh ideas, hope, laughter, tears and information to this beloved site. Without all these contributions it would only be just another forum.

Just going along with what Leelee had to say; I just think I would like to throw out some non-council members in with this "Legends" group. I would have to say Stonehelm and Cloveress. They were two people I had the pleasure of getting to know when I first came on this sight and they have both been great members over the years.

Stonehelm has been integral in making some of the great games on this site (including my favorite Wheel of Tolkien) and he's always been a great contributor to other threads as well.

As for Cloveress, she's always been this friendly, sisterly type of person on this site. Even though she's poked her head in a time or two over the past, I wish we could see more of her, always a great member of this site.

"Legends" is not necessarily what I meant but I couldn't find a better word! Smile Smilie

What a great idea! Flattered though I am by your suggestion, Gimli, I will hardly ask for my name to be put on any "Legends" mantel before the old great that is Grondy. I cannot express enough how much I miss him. I think if he was still here, he'd really be excited about the Hobbit movie coming out soon. I miss him a lot, but I like to think that he is ahead of all of us in the game, and has already met a few hobbits in the Undying Lands. sad

And to add to the list of possible candidates: Leelee, of course! She deserves a spot for sure, with her pep and her abundant positivity about life and love, her sweet sentiments and many displays of kindness on the site. We all love her!

I was going along the lines of Grondy being the unspoken, unanimous, honorary first member when I mentioned some names.

Ah Clover dearest, your cheque is in the mail. blush

I just have to nominate my fellow Elf Loss. Even though he has been known to hang about with orcs for the odd card game and whatnot, he is precious to me. It was he that helped me get my avy. I was shy here and nervous and I did not know a gif from a pretzel. And i noticed that he was here always for anyone, despite his fatigue and health problems. So gentle and kind and a much trusted fixture.

I don't know many people here. Most names I read here are names of members I have never met. Which I think is very pitty. But even thought I don't know many people. I love this thread. It's so good to hear from each of you why you think someone deserves this. Because I don't know many people here I can't really say who I think deserves this but here are some names: I think of course Grondmaster. Even if I've never had the honor to meet him. I think he was a great member loved by everyone. Yes I think he was such a wonderful member full of wisdom, knowlege, humor. And I'm sure there are much more things to say about him. I also would say Leelee, my dearest Leelee. She was my first real friend here. She means very much to me. She is always there for everyone. She says the most beautiful things. And she is always kind to everyone. If someone is new she makes feel that person at home here. I really admire her. Leelee I love you. I also say Tarrant(Taz) without him this website wouldn't excict. So....He is very important. He has made this wonderful place. Please Taz come back online!!! I have chatted to him a couple of times and he really is a nice guy. He knows a lot about computers :-) Tarrant, I hope you have time to come back online even if it's for a very short time. I know you are busy. ;-) I know my post isn't really useful but...this was just what I thought. Sorry for the bad paragraphs but im typing on my mobile so....

Little Ilse has so come out of herself and has become so kind and helpful, encouraging newbies already and  barely over twelve years old, that i think she should be given a special mention. Way to go Arwen dearest, keep it up and you may be on the council before you know it and light years younger than anyone else!

If Elfstone were around I would love to spend hours talking about his posts. He to me was a genious and one not afraid of confrontation and sparring in a good way. He made threads light up like a Vegas night.

I so wish I knew how he was. sigh.

Yeah, Arwen does talk to lots of people. Kind that little elf, I must admit. Smile Smilie

Anyway, it's a short morning log-in, so I just wanted to say that this thread sounds interesting.

I am not sure can I name that many legends, but I agree on everything that has been said. I even remember talking with Grondy in the past, maybe even back in those days, when I originally registered.

But just when I had returned, I submitted a thread version of 'I have lost my wings', which was, in a way, incomplete or felt incomplete during that time. Then Grondy showed up and gave me an advice concerning the structure and some of the words, but still, he spoke the words with pure kindness. I understood what he meant, and thus, I corrected the precise part.

I would've liked to know him better, but I'm really thankful, because I had a chance to talk with him, and I believe that he deserves to be a PT legend. He definitely does.

And now we all know that he gave me some writing tips 2-3 years ago. Smile Smilie

So, have my hails and my blessings, O' wanderer of the lost lands.

- Oerath.

Oh Leelee, how lovely your words are. And about that council thing. I feel really honored to be mentioned already to become one once. And Oerath, me a little elf. How kind of you. That sounds good. :-) I like that!!! And yes I'm quite young. I'm 13. ;-) You all are so amazing. Everone is so kind to me. I really love this place very much.

   Wow. I go from thread to thread and hear people talk about friends who never post anymore, laughs and debates and tales and poems and jokes, all memory now. I remember when I first registered(not long ago) and I went through the forums, reading old threads(I hadn't even posted once yet) and I read many posts by Grondmaster. One thing I kept noticing, was that he was a dwarf from the glittering caves and had sailed into the West. Certainly it couldn't mean.. I was certain it meant he simply shut down his account or something. Then I stumbled across the thread Grondmaster's Memorial. I read every post, beginning to end, and afterwards I was blinking back tears. I never even knew him. I never tire of reading his posts or hearing him praised. If only he could see the honor and love you all show him. I am amazed and touched, and every post I read by, about, or even mentioning him, I wish all the more I could have known least said hi.

  I also read posts by PlasticSquirrel, The Cheesey, the Cloveress, Loss and others that I am sad to say I don't know. Maybe never will. In a way I envy all of you who were a part of the Planet back then. This thread is the most wonderful thing.

you just never know dear, all of our lives are so transient it seems.

For years I longed to get to know Val, since he like Grondy was so mysterious a council member. And then just like that, a miracle and now he comes on when he can. It still does not feel real. Because this is truly a wonderful place to come many remember after years and come back if only to feel he or she 'belongs' once more. Like Bilbo Baggins of the Shire and Frodo and Sam. All wandered and came back and then went away. It is the sad reality of life.

That is why i urge readers to not just view the neewest posts, but to go back back back and be transformed to Middle Earth in the most magical way. It is truly a walk down wondrous lanes.

I also remember that when I first came to this site I saw two things when I was looking at "account" the first was a concratulation for Leelee because she was become a Counsil Member. And the second was that dear Grondy has passed away. After that I was browsing trought many many old threads. And I have read many posts of Grondy and many other members. Grondy's posts were lovely, full of wisdom. And I was shocked that such an amazing, wonderful, great and lovely person has passed away. And Leelee for the second time. I really feel honored to be mentioned to become a council member once. Really it's a great honor. Leelee I love you forever. This site is such a wonderful place everyone is so kind to me. I like that very much. You mean very much to me, all of you. Love from a little elf.

Where are Vir and Loss.I haven't seen them for a while :miss you both

One of the things I've learnt is that anyone who really reads Tolkien can't be bad. Certainly I've had nothing but kindness from this site, my first actually. Grondy was the first to welcome me, especially as we had such fun doing the quizzes. So while I've been a Tolkien enthusiast since I've been a kid, I've also tried to behave like the characters in the stories. But what is odd, or perhaps not really, is that the true stories are the best. I've had an interesting experience regarding Tolkien some years ago, which I briefly mentioned on Grondy's quizzes, so I think I'll tell the story on a new thread. Its also got a nautical theme so the sailors among us should at least enjoy it. The moral is you CAN find decent people in the most unlikely places.

I'm not a writer as such so I'll come back to this on another thread

Precious Mellon, see how the sun shines brighter and gentler when you come home. Wonderful.

Loss moved back to his childhood home area and he has been very very busy. Also he has suffered bad health for years, so that may make him feel rather exhausted and not inclined to come online.

Vir is very busy I suspect in real life, especially as he is really Tin Tin and the Captain and the Professor keep him and snowy hopping. He has begun to come on the Musician's guild thread lately, you can 'hear' his dear voice there any way.