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The gaps get rather large at the top end of the scale, Tommy. I think you're about halfway.
Tommy, I am confident that you can do it. Since you broke 2000 yesterday you have already done atl least 70 more. If you keep this up you will be past Grondy before you go back to school.
Golly's a steward too, I just noticed.

So I gotta reach 4000 posts to get a new rank?? Shocked Smilie I'm a posting freak all right, but that'll take me ages!! Big Laugh Smilie
Usually it is based on number of posts but with over a hundred, you shouldn't still be a stranger, but a member, or a Tolkienite, or something like that. Cool Smilie Just another thing for Taz to tweak when his plate is a little less full. Animated Wink Smilie
Hey maybe, he will have it fixed by the time I get over 100. Lol I am at over 60 somewhere. I hate being a stranger, since I have gotten to know so many wonderful people here.
Hello I'm a stranger Tongue Smilie. That's sounds like, you're different than the rest.

Anyway, I saw someone above the 100 posts, who was still stranger Smile Smilie. I think it's a good idea to fix that Big Smile Smilie.
It will soon be fixed. The guy who does all of the has just made soooo many wonderful changes that he just has not had a chance to fix the stranger, posting freak stuff. We just all take it one step at a time.
Ok, in that case Smile Smilie. I won't bother you all about it again Tongue Smilie.
ah.. ok, i was wondering about that.. ok.. no worries then! Big Smile Smilie
And some time ago, when he had some time, Taz posted somewhere that you could have your status (you know, stranger, council member etc) changed to whatever you wanted. So I had mine changed into Posting Freak. Smoke Smilie But I doubt if anyone else noticed that then... And I don't think Taz will have the time for this now... Cool Smilie
I am going to try and fix the posting ranks asap Cool Smilie
you can change mine to Council Member.....

maybe they wont notice......

HEY!!! It could happen! Big Laugh Smilie
Yeah, I'm still a stranger.

Stranger than what, I wonder... Big Laugh Smilie
Still haven't managed to fix that annoying rank bug ;o(

Will attempt again when I get back from work.
Strange things going on here, I guess. I'm a posting freak on the forum, but a stranger in my profile. Noticed it while changing my avatar. That's working fine now, thank God.

Oh well, I won't bother about it, I guess. Not that big a deal... Smoke Smilie
I'm a posting freak on the forum, but a stranger in my profile.
That's because Taz overrode the "stranger" in the forum program, especially for you, Tommie. Smile Smilie
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
I wanna be a posting freak too!!!!
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

Ah well, at least Plastic thinks I'm a freak. Now all I need to do is get Taz to add the 'posting' bit... Smoke Smilie
I just don't wanna be a stranger anymore. Sad Smilie Although Posting Freak would be nice. But I will take anything besides stranger. I know I am a bit strange, but no stranger than anyone else here. Tongue Smilie
Notice: IMHO you must at least have crossed the mark of a 1000 posts if you want to become a posting freak. So I think you can join the club, Golly! That makes two of us. Big Laugh Smilie
You're all freaks. Happy now? Wink Smilie
Ecstatic, thanks. Scrolling Eyes Smilie
Glad to be of help, you bunch of freaks. Wink Smilie
You're welcome, though we are but poor reflections of the original posting freak... Wink Smilie
Ahh! Thanks! Very Big Grin Smilie
oh man, I just realized that Tommy left before she reached 1900 post. She only 3 more to go.

Well, I don't have 1000 posts yet, but I am working on it. I'll catch up soon. I hope!
Angry Elf Smilie This damn titles bug is giving me a headache! I cannot figure it out for the life of me Sad Smilie Oh well shall continue on... Wink Smilie
Ok they are now working, I am going to be having a meeting with the other council members over the next two day's to discuss new user ranks and the posting count that should equal each... Look forward to some cool new titles Big Smile Smilie
WOOHOO! I'm regular!

Musta been the bran muffin...

Oh, J/k. Thanks Tazzer!

I am not a STRANGER any more. Whoo Hooo!!!!! I am a FRIEND Yippeeeeee!

Mellie is very happy

Prog, hon, you better whatch out. I only have 60 more post to catch up with you.
Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie Smoke Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Shocked Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Cat Smilie Pary Smilie Tigger Smilie Winking Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Kiss Smilie Exclamation Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie

[Edited on 3/30/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
Looks like you did catch up Mell, grats.

I could easily spend the next hour spamming the forums to increase my lead but I just don't have it in me. Nor do I think our generous hosts would enjoy having to read it all. Enjoy. Smoke Smilie

[Edited on 9/27/2002 by ProgHead777]
lol Prog, I did not mean to swarm the posts today, but, i found lots of stuff to say. heheeheeeee. I was expecting to catch up with you over the weekend, but it did not work out that way. I can't believe that I made that many posts. oh well. it is done now. lol. see ya later.

oh, btw, i have missed you in chat.
Yikes! I better watch out you don't catch up with me, Mellie! Very Big Grin Smilie
I have loads of posts to do now, so I'm hoping to reach 2000 soon! Big Smile Smilie
Looking forward to the new ranks. Wonder what they will be. *curious*
you could also make it so that people can pick their own titles if they wish... either substituting the post count one, or in addition.... just an idea! Wink Smilie
Yeah. Like "Lord of the Nazgul" and stuff like that. Or "Balrog". Very Big Grin Smilie
I think for that to be possible, Gimli, Taz would have to alter each person's individually. With the amount of members we have, that would be too great a burden for him.
That would be too much work. Lazibones are not suppose to suggest more work. I like the idea of the automatic counter and names changing when you hit a certain number. But I think it should change like every 100 posts up to 1000 and then change after every 500 posts. It would be great to see what the different titles are. You could have a contests and have the members come up with suggestions for different titles and then the council could pick the ones they like the best for that number. Less work for the the council and the members don't mind making suggestions or typing posts. So it would be a win - win situation for all.
Member suggestions, I like that idea, less work for us, I really like that idea. I think I'm gonna go put it to the rest of the council now.
The current plan seems to be to get a system up and running as soon as possible with about eight catagories that the council have discussed over the past couple of weeks. Your suggestion has been noted, however, Mellie and may come into being. Because your idea would take a while to implement, with all the members participating and the council making decisions etc, we are going to run with our new system first so that something is working in the meantime.

If anyone has any suggestions for future catagories, begin posting them below. At present, I believe the new catagories are going to include Novice, Friend, Ranger, Elf-friend, Istari, Maiar, Valar and Steward.
I like those catagories. Are they in order? If so the suggestion that I would make is put Steward between Elf-friend and Istari then Maiar and Valar.
That was my suggestion, too, Mellie... and guess what? Taz listened Smile Smilie

I think it might be a while before we see any Valor on the site though (and that's not an invitation for anyone to post thousands of smilies to prove me wrong) Paranoid Smilie
yeah, except when Taz went back in to change the Steward and Istari around, Mellie went from Ranger back to Friend. Sad Smilie
Not quite sure what happened there. He checked the configuration and it is right.
Yes, Ranger should start at 200. We must watch for any other anomalies. Police Smilie Big Smile Smilie
That is ok, Nell, I don't mind being a friend. Just not a stranger. I will just be PT's faithful friend. I am glad Taz listened to us you Val. Oh, and belive me Grondy, I am very good at pointing out the anomalies. ehehehheheeeeee

Big Smile Smilie
Like the new ranks too! Cool Smilie

Just curious here: when do you actually change between steward and whatever's next? I just broke 2000 posts and I didn't change. Very Sad Smilie Still, I believe I'm the only steward around... Big Smile Smilie Part from the council members, of course.
Please folks lets focus on quality not quantity.
Seconded Taz, very much so.
And I third that! Think of the valuable space and time the posts take. Give us something we can really sink our teeth into! Big Smile Smilie
/me waits for Tommy to see his little joke Big Smile Smilie
/me waits for Tommy to see his little joke
It'd be even more amusing if it was something you couldn't rectify again later, Taz Shocked Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Please folks lets focus on quality not quantity.

Seriously, folks, it can be hard work when you have to wait almost a minute to download a page, only to find a smiley at the bottom of it.
No I know I can Big Smile Smilie As you might have seen my post count has now returned to it's *real* value Wink Smilie
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