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Why did Taz take all of our Mithril for himself ? just wondering
How do you mean?

it don't say how much Mithril we have anylonger ...

To be honest I still don't really understand the purpose of mithril...all I know is I have tons of it!!

Quote from the Help Page: Use of mirthil pieces

Only the future knows the real answer to the question, but for now we have a monetary system whose main use is for message postage. You can also move from one location to another for a fee of 400 pieces of Mithril. In the future there will be other things to spend mithril on and other methods of gaining it, such as on birthdays, for writing articles, winning contests, etc.

The membership will be asked to participate in generating ideas for this as we build up our communities. We may need (were we to be a true simulated world) to buy seed for planting crops to be sold to pay for a plow, and for the miller to grind the grain for the baker to bake the bread to sell to the dairyman who needs to pay the haymaker and the cobbler, etc, etc, etc. We may even, heaven forbid, need taxation to support some necessary evil, like the bounders or an army to keep the outlanders at bay.

Why do I have to pay to send a message:

The postal services in middle-earth times were not what they are today you know! If you wanted to have a message delivered then someone had to be paid to go and deliver it for you, that is if you don't go deliver it yourself obviously. However, lets not forget that travelling in quite often dark and unprotected areas is an undesirable business and generally requires some kind of incentive.

In Planet-Tolkien messangers are paid using Mithril which you receive on your first unqiue visit of each day to Planet-Tolkien as well as other methods found in our help files.


You can see how much Mithril you have if you go to account, under Mithril Pieces. So how much Mithril you have is not viewable for other members.

I think the real reason for Mithril is something agains spam. Because it isn't possible to make an  automatic program to send spam messages to members, because you don't have enough Mithril. Or at least that is something it could be for. Wink Smilie


Hope it's clear enough now!?

Thanks Arwen .I knew that I have the amount of Mithril in my account .thanks anyway Smile Smilie

Wait, I thought only creatures from moria get mithril.

No my dear dwarf, everyone gets the same amount of Mithril. Smile Smilie

I'm going to be taking all your Mithril away from you soon in preparation for the new RPG features in-development 

But I need to send PMs. (Sure, you thought about that as well, but...!)

I'm so exciting!!!!!

By the way, please people don't worry about what Taz is gone do with our Mirhril. He just needs it to pay for the RPG features.

i don't care he gave me some.who is taz

Taz is the webmaster of this website. The one who made this amazing place!

what the heck,seriously,wow!

wow i did not know you were acouncil member,how do you become one?and thanks for chat,it was fun!