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Hi there to all concerned, Just noticed something, I appear to have a copy of myself, at least namewise. Not that I'm bothered, but this is a problem on the technical level. Shouldn't names be unique, if only to avoid confusion. Looks like a database problem, although I'd be interested in how this occurred. Shouldn't Names be a primary key, hence automatically unique?

Yeah, we have several duplicate names. I think it's not longer possible to sing up with a used username, but for a long while you could. It is strange that it hasn't caused more confusion. 

Some years back we had to choose between only allowing one account per e-mail or uniqe usernames. I believe it was fixed after Taz came back.

Hi there Gwindor.  I did not realise there was anyone with this name when I joined up.  I do apologise.  Is it possible to change my username?

Ok, now this is just weird!

Alright who's from that blasted parallel dimension?? Let's just get this over with now. I don't know who to choose!!

Ah, the age old evil twin plot. Wink Smilie But at least one is a hobbit and the other an elf. 

Username can be changed in the account area: Click on Account (next to the logout/longin button) - Edit account.

(Shortcut:  Wink Smilie

If that doesn't work, give us a shout at 

Smile Smilie

Sorted Big Smile Smilie Thanks Amarië  

Hmm, well your brother had a 'replicant' of sorts... well not really but...

... there were seemingly two Elves named Gelmir if I recall correctly, one being Gwindor's brother. Anyway yes I know that's not really what this thread is about.

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Hi there,

It,s alright other Gwindor, it;s PT;s fault. BTW, I am an ELF not a hobbit. I've said this on another thread, but when I first joined PT I was an elf from Beleriand, (obviously) When the site changed I was relegated to a hobbit and Beleriand was nowhere to be found. I can change to an elf but only from the third age, No disrespect intended, but I shall remain a hobbit rather than be a TA elf. Someone has to set standards after all.